Ken Buck Colorado

Republican 118th House Of Representatives A Total Disaster!

The 118th Congress (2023-2025) has been a total disaster, with the House of Representatives controlled by the extremist right wing Freedom Caucus, which deposed Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, and now is moving toward deposing Mike Johnson, because of his cooperation with Democrats to adopt a budget bill and avoid default. Looney Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has taken the first steps to call for possible removal of Johnson from the Speakership.

This chaos has led some Republicans to quit the House of Representatives early including Ken Buck of Colorado and Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin.

So now, once Gallagher leaves in April, the split will be 217-213 in the House, meaning the Republicans only have a ONE vote margin!

So any further craziness, and the Democrats will gain control of the House of Representatives, an unbelievable situation!