John Danforth Missouri

Former Senator John Danforth’s Bad Judgment: Clarence Thomas And Josh Hawley!

Former Republican Senator John Danforth of Missouri served in the upper body of Congress for three terms from 1976-1995, gaining a reputation as a moderate conservative who was highly respected by his party and by the opposition Democrats.

Danforth came across as a man of dignity and thoughtfulness, and retired with his reputation unchallenged.

But in retrospect, Danforth can now be shown to have had bad judgment on two individuals who have negatively affected American politics.

Danforth is the person who promoted the elevation of Clarence Thomas to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in 1991.

And Danforth also promoted the advancement of Josh Hawley to become a US Senator from Missouri in 2018.

Both Thomas and Hawley have been engaged in promoting a coverup of the January 6, 2021 US Capitol Insurrection, with Thomas’s wife encouraging that horrendous event, and Hawley putting up his fist on that day in support of the mob that was descending on the US Capitol, but later fleeing like a coward when the situation got out of hand.

Thomas has been a disgrace on the Court for 33 years now, and Hawley is running for reelection.

Danforth himself has said his backing of Hawley was the worst mistake in his career, but refuses to say the same about the much greater long term damage wrought by Thomas.

So despite his reputable record in the US Senate for 18 years, ending 30 years ago, John Danforth will go down as having, maybe inadvertently, contributed to the Fasist threat of Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans, by having fully backed and promoted both Clarence Thomas and Josh Hawley!