Jersey City

Chris Christie Playing Politics With Hurricane Sandy Relief? If Proved, He Is Impeached!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is now accused of playing politics with Hurricane Sandy relief, denying requests of the Hoboken and Jersey City Mayors, among others, because they would not endorse his re-election as Governor last November.

If this is so, then Christie faces impeachment and removal, and he would also face legal complications and could go to federal prison!

It is hard to feel sympathy for this “bully”, who is abusive toward teachers, parents, journalists, and is cocky, arrogant, and self serving to the extreme.

Anyone who felt admiration for this “bully” looks pretty bad themselves right now, as to want a politician of his characteristic to be President, which we could all see, is a reflection of the bad character of the admirer!

It is clear, just as this author said a few days ago, that Chris Christie is toast, as far as the GOP nomination for President, and having Reince Priebus, the Republican National Chairman (best described as a total fool and embarrassment), and former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani (himself the center of personal scandal while Mayor), defend you is a sign of the true collapse of Christie’s Presidential bubble!