House Progressive Caucus

Debt Limit Bill Passes House Of Representatives 314-117!

The US House of Representatives has passed the Debt Limit legislation to avoid default, by a vote of 314-117, with one third of the Republican majority voting against, and about one fourth of the Democratic minority voting against.

149 Republicans and 165 Democrats voted for the legislation, and 71 Republicans and 46 Democrats voted against the legislation.

So fundamentally, the centrists in both parties did what had to be done, while many members of the Republican House Freedom Caucus and of the Democratic House Progressive Caucus registered their opposition to the legislation.

Overall, it is a good piece of legislation, and saves the nation from dealing with this matter until after the next Presidential and Congressional elections in 2024.

Now the legislation goes to the Senate, where it could be held up by reckless members of the Republican Party, who love to gain attention by being outrageous!