Disability Benefits

Kentucky: Heavily Poor White State With Two Senators Who Wish To Gut Medicaid And Obamacare, Which Benefits Their Struggling Constituents!

Kentucky is an extremely poor state, especially in the eastern Appalachia counties, heavily poor whites, who have high levels of preexisting health problems, and depend on Medicaid and ObaamCare, and are now scared to death that they will lose their lifeline, and all because of the mean spirit, lack of empathy and compassion, and selfishness, of the Republican Party.

Kentucky has 60 percent of people in Appalachia on disability benefits, and overall one third of its people are dependent on government programs.

The Opioid crisis also affects Kentuckians at very high rates, due to depression over horrible job prospects, and high levels of unemployment, caused to be greater by the Great Recession, provoked by Republicans and their lack of concern about regulation of banks and Wall Street before 2008, and now ready again to make the same mistakes and repeal the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 to prevent such future economic disasters.

And in the midst of this issue of struggling constituents, Kentucky has two Republican Senators who do not give a damn about their own population.

Rand Paul, with his crazy libertarian ideas, wants to destroy ObamaCare and gut Medicaid, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is even more the villain, as he undermines his own state, having utilized racism and misogyny to keep his Senate seat and the power of the Majority Leader, and to destroy everything Barack Obama did, which benefited Kentuckians and the nation.

How much more evil could two men be, but also, how ignorant a population, that they would be manipulated and tricked into supporting the reelection of, arguably, the worst two Senators combined in any state of the Union?

Veterans Day: We Honor Veterans, And Then Republicans Cut Unemployment, Food Stamps, And Health Benefits To Them!

Today is Veterans Day, the day when we honor all veterans who have served in the military, whether in war or peace, and it also marks 95 years since the end of the First World War.

Republicans are famous for mouthing support for veterans and the military, and are only too willing to send men and women off to war, but when it comes to dealing with their needs and problems after they return from war, it is a lot different in reality than rhetoric.

It is Republicans and conservatives who complain about unemployment compensation, Food Stamps, and disability and health benefits, and are only too willing to cut spending on those programs, while giving corporations benefits by the multiple billions.

They seem to be unaware of the high unemployment rate of veterans, the fact that many families with veterans are poor and depend on food stamps, and that the ability to gain disability and other health benefits is overwhelmingly difficult.

They seem to be unaware that 22 veterans, on the average, commit suicide every day, about 8,000 per year, due to a total sense of abandonment and despair by those who have sacrificed themselves more than most Americans, and yet are ignored and forgotten.

A nation that mistreats its veterans is a nation that needs to reconsider priorities, but any attempts to recognize this have been vehemently opposed by flag waving hypocrites in the opposition party!

Florida Congressman Allen West Says Social Security Is A Modern Form Of Slavery!

Florida Republican Congressman Allen West created a controversy over the weekend, when he compared Social Security and disability benefits to a modern form of slavery.

West said that Barack Obama and the Democrats were promoting dependency and a “plantation mentality” in promoting “welfare programs”.

The problem with what West said is that Social Security payments and disability benefit payments are NOT welfare, as they are contributed to by all those who work, and these payments go primarily to senior citizens, widows and orphans, and those who are disabled through no fault of their own.

This is just another example of the reckless behavior and rhetoric of a Congressman who presently represents a district with a large population of people who receive such benefits, and his new district in Northern Palm Beach County, and Martin and St Lucie Counties, also has a substantial population of such citizens.

So it would seem suicidal what West is saying, but if citizens are not informed, or simply vote out of lack of understanding of the issues that affect them daily, then Allen West could very well be elected to another term in his new district.

It is up to the Democrats and nominee Patrick Murphy to make a concerted campaign to inform the citizens of the new congressional district of the danger and threat that electing West will bring upon them.

West already is on the so called “hit list” of Democrats, and fellow Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the Democratic National Committee, and regularly bitterly attacked by West, is committed to do what is possible to retire Allen West, which would be a great plus for the citizens of his district, Florida, and the nation at large!