Coup D’Etat Threats

Fox News Channel Promoting False Concept Of “Coup” Against Donald Trump By Robert Mueller, When The Threat Is Of Trump Grabbing Absolute Power!

Fox News Channel is engaged in a full scale promotion of the concept of a “coup” being waged against President Donald Trump by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

That right wing propaganda channel, which ignorant, uninformed people think is a news channel, is stirring up hatemongers and congressional Republicans to wage war on Mueller and his investigation of the numerous Trump scandals.

Particularly disgraceful and despicable are Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine Pirro, both highly trained in sensationalism, hyperbole, and conspiracy theories.

They are enriching themselves in the process of their sycophantic worship of the most dangerous President in American history.

One or both could be swept up in the scandals, as both have links to the White House, and are willing to spread lies on a daily basis.

Only Shepard Smith is gutsy and courageous enough to contradict these sycophants and others at Fox News Channel.

Additionally, there are a large group of principled conservatives who have been critical of and have denounced Donald Trump since before he won the Presidency in a false manner. The list of such conservatives and Republicans is long and distinguished, although it does not include many elected Republicans.

The reality is Hannity and Pirro are promoting the concept of a coup to seize absolute power, and suspend the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and promote the closing down of a free media, and a judiciary that defends the rule of law. They are supportive of a maniacal, unstable President who admires the authoritarianism of Vladimir Putin, who clearly has a hold over him, and helped him to win the Presidential Election of 2016 in an unethical and illegal manner.

Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, warned us of the threat of the firing of Robert Mueller, and if that occurs, the people must go out into the streets of every American city in large numbers to protest and resist such unconstitutional grabbing of power by the 45th President.

Threatened Coup Against Barack Obama Reminiscent Of Attempted Coup Against FDR In 1934-1935

Next week will be the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, specifically on Friday, November 22, the same day of the week that the horrible event occurred.

It reminds one of the dangers from right wing and left wing extremists to our national leadership, and the threat of a march on Washington by armed groups, supposedly to be held on Tuesday, November 19, demanding the resignation of President Obama, or else action will be taken against him, makes one shudder.

And it reminds us of the plans for a similar coup d’etat against Franklin D. Roosevelt, in similarly difficult economic times in 1934-1935, a coup which was squelched by revelations that right wing business groups and leaders had plotted, similar to what is being planned now. The Great Depression was a time of such extremism that emerged because FDR represented change.

The right wing promoted hate against FDR for his New Deal, as the right wing promotes hate against Barack Obama, due to ObamaCare and other reforms and changes promoted by this administration after a similar economic downturn as FDR faced 80 years ago. Then, it was the Great Depression, and now it is the Great Recession, both brought about by Republican Presidents and their economic policies.

The arguments against FDR and Obama are similar, with the addition of racism against Obama making the present threat presented by the right wing even more dangerous.

The Secret Service is certainly aware of the threats, and one can only hope that any overt action is backed away from, once becoming public knowledge, as it was nearly 80 years ago!