Cognitive Deficits

Cognitive Deficits In Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden

President Donald Trump is attempting to convince voters that former Vice President Joe Biden has cognitive deficits that make him unqualified to be President.

This is laughable, as it is Donald Trump who has clear cognitive deficits. He has demonstrated this by his language and speaking in public and on Twitter.

His behavior and lack of understanding of multiple areas of human knowledge, including spelling, pronunciation, mathematics, history, science, economics, international relations, as well as his horrendous interaction with others, including insults and name calling, make him seem like at most a young teenager, and at worst a toddler.

It is clear to anyone with an open mind that Trump is dangerously mentally ill and unstable, and that he has no ethics, morality, common decency, empathy, compassion, or dignity, only concerned about what he can gain from others.

He is a racist, nativist, misoygnist, has fake religiosity, and supports antisemites and homophobes.

None of this is true of Joe Biden, who at most, can be seen as someone who flubs at times in an embarrassing manner, seen as humorous and harmless in his occasional misstatements.

He has broad knowledge of all of the areas of human knowledge mentioned above, and knows how to utilize specialists in all these areas of expertise. He does not engage in insults and name calling, and he has loads of ethics, morality, common decency, empathy, compassion, and dignity, all important for any government leader.

Biden is not a racist, nativist, misogynist, nor does he have fake religiosity, and he is strongly in favor of the Jewish people and the rights of gays, lesbians, and transgender people.

Biden is of great character and humanity, who is genuine, real, concerned about others, and also has a very decent wife, future First Lady Dr. Jill Biden.

Jill Biden would restore the dignity and stature of the First Lady position, after it has been brought to a low status by ignorant, trashy Melania Trump, who is a true embarrassment to the position. She is only staying with Donald Trump to keep her son Barron safe from an uncaring father, and to insure her own financial position and that of her immigrant parents, who should not be allowed to remain in this country under Trump’s nativist mandates, if it were not for them being Melania’s parents.

From trash and disgrace of the Trumps to the dignity and competence of the Bidens!