“Blue” States. Presidential Election Of 2008

The “Red” South Becoming More “Blue” Rapidly For Presidential Elections

The Republican Party has depended on the South for much of its electoral vote strength in the past thirty years, but rapidly, the movement from “Red” to “Blue” is emerging, especially in looking to the Presidential contests of the future.

Barack Obama was able to win Florida and Virginia both times he was on the ballot, and also won North Carolina the first time.

But Texas and Georgia are perceived as moving toward the Democrats by 2020, if not 2016, which would mean that the five largest states in the South in electoral votes would have 111 electoral votes likely to be in the Democratic camp, while the Republicans would only have 49 electoral votes from the other six “Old South” states of Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi!

So the GOP has a major problem, as if it loses the South, two to one in electoral votes, and already has lost the Northeast, the Pacific Coast, and the Upper Midwest, what is left for it to grow into a major challenger to the Democratic Party in the future?