The Republican Presidential Race Gets Nastier, Degrading The Whole Process!

One would think that the Republican Party, already in crisis, could not stoop lower, but they now have, with the insults flying back and forth between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over their wives!

There is no excuse for any candidate to attack anyone else’s wife or children, or for that matter, a woman candidate’s husband, and it should be totally avoided at all costs.

But Trump is clearly a misogynist, who judges women solely by their looks, and Cruz denies women the basic freedom to control their own bodies!

The effect of this dispute is that any self respecting woman, even one who is “religious”, should tell her husband, boyfriend, brother, father or whoever, if necessary to keep peace, that they will “obey” them and vote Republican, but should go ahead and use the brain God gave her, and reject the party and its candidates!

It is clear the vast majority of women, particularly the millennials and all those under 45, will be decisive in electing Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders to the White House!

No intelligent, educated woman will ever again allow Republicans or “religious” people to dictate their futures in any form, and will exercise their right to vote in a way that will transform history, and appropriate with the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment (woman suffrage) arriving in 2020!

Imagine a President Hillary Clinton commemorating the 100th anniversary of women’s voting rights from the Oval Office!

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