New Additions To Interviews On Assassinations Book And Commentary On Presidential Election Of 2016

This blogger wishes to bring attention to new interviews just posted, which I have been fortunate enough to be asked to engage in, by The Sunday Show Blog Talk Radio (second time) and by Mathew Mari of WVOX, Westchester County, New York (first and second times).

The Sunday Show on Blog Talk Radio has been a delight, two discussions on my book, but also on the Presidential election, and it is likely I will be invited again.

I had my third interview with Mathew Mari this past week, and soon, it will be added to the list, as well.  The first two Mari interviews include the first one about my Assassinations book, and the second one, starting at 35 minutes into the hour, deals with the Presidential election.  The third one coming is mostly an update on the election, but with further discussion of my book as well.

Altogether now, there are 20 radio interviews since August of last year, on 18 radio stations, all worth listening to, if the reader has time.  All of them are on the right side of the blog.


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