Economic Revival And Success Of Health Care Law Should Favor Democrats In Midterm Elections Of 2014!

More than ever, many public opinion polls seem to indicate that the Republican Party is to have a major success, gaining seats in the House of Representatives, and winning control of the US Senate!

But polls have been wrong before, and it is very hard to believe with economic revival reaching the recovery of the number of jobs lost in 2008-2009, plus the clear success of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) after a difficult start, that most of the eight million and more people who have signed up are going, either to sit home, or to vote against their own economic interests!

If the polls are correct, then the people are at fault, either for failing to exercise their right to vote, or can simply be told that they have, out of lack of knowledge and understanding, voted against what makes common sense, support for the Democratic Party!

The old saying is that people get the government they deserve, so if millions of people choose to support a party that has undermined the middle class and the poor, nothing else can be said except maybe, some day, they will learn their lesson, and realize the mistake they have made, that has only enriched the very wealthy at their expense!

4 comments on “Economic Revival And Success Of Health Care Law Should Favor Democrats In Midterm Elections Of 2014!

  1. Ali May 6, 2014 12:06 pm

    I try not to pay attention to most poll’s myself because as you say they have been wrong any number of times my favorite being Truman’s famous victory over Dewey in 1948. But I seem to recall a lot of polls in the 2012 election seeming to indicate that the race was so much closer than it ever turned out to be so I see no reason why this situation should be any different. It’s almost like the GOP spends so much money spinning their lies that they start to believe their own false reports lol Certainly it is something to be concerned about though in any case the possibility of them gaining control of the Senate though.

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