Is America So Uncaring About Children Elsewhere, Or Is It The Same As Attitude Toward Children In America?

The future of any nation and of the world is in our children, whether they are Americans, British, Japanese, Nigerian, Brazilian, Syrian or whatever nation.

And yet, for many politicians, and for many Americans, the future of children is insignificant, unless it is THEIR children!

So we see many Republicans and conservatives, and even so called “religious” people in America, who have no problem with cutting health care coverage, food stamps, housing assistance and other “welfare” benefits for children who are members of poor families, whether white, African American, Hispanic-Latino Americans, Asian Americans, or Native Americans. But of course, all children must be born, but then it is not the job of government, according to these groups, to insure a decent childhood for those poor children!

And for many, whether libertarians like Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, or Democrats such as Congressman Alan Grayson of Orlando, Florida, and many others in between, the fact that the majority of the victims of the chemical warfare attack last month, and of the two and a half year history of the Syrian Civil War, are children, does not phase them one iota!

Also, half of the people in refugee camps in nations surrounding Syria are eleven years old and younger, and that means that a vast majority of the entire refugee population are children under the age of 18. But this does not affect the conscience of Paul, Grayson, or others, because they are not Americans, so who cares about their fate?

This is, indeed, a sad state of affairs, when the future of the world, children, are looked at, whether American or foreign, as dispensable human lives!

In fact, it is totally DESPICABLE and REPREHENSIBLE!,

It is also immoral, unethical and reflects poorly on those who do not give a damn about the most vulnerable among us, children!

9 comments on “Is America So Uncaring About Children Elsewhere, Or Is It The Same As Attitude Toward Children In America?

  1. Eugene September 4, 2013 1:35 pm

    So now Obama said he didn’t draw a redline! As a matter of fact the world did and so did Congress! As a matter of fact it’s all the Republicans fault! Why I bet that if he could he would blame Bush! Now all of a sudden the whole world has become Tea Party Reaganites conservatives! Great Britain has, Germany has, the UN has. All who opposed Obama’s intervention must now be conservatives and even racist! LOL!!!!!!
    I bet it was the Tea Partiers who gassed those poor Syrians! This Administration gets even more ridiculous by the minute. It’s just a bunch of spoil brats radicals in power now.
    No he didn’t draw a red line. It’s not his reputation at stake. Yeah right. What I hear and see is actually not happening! LOL

  2. Ronald September 4, 2013 3:32 pm

    Eugene, you certainly have every right to disagree on this blog, but do you REALLY need to insult “progressive professors” since I am proud to be one, and DO NOT appreciate your implying that such professors abuse children and the young, because they express their academic freedom? The only thing I have a problem with is insulting students and trying to impose views on anyone, but the right to speak up, within limited circumstances, is basic freedom of speech. And even the Founding Fathers believed in that, now didn’t they? 🙁

  3. Maggie September 4, 2013 6:01 pm

    LOL!!!! Heeeeeeee’s Baaaaak! Let’s all WELCOME back Eugene Juan Peron Roberto!!!
    OMG are you this looney that you think we don’t know you by now?
    Again the Professor is patient, kind and professional but you Eugene are not fooling anyone and you keep insulting him and Progressives in general and it will be bye bye again. Your tone indicates you are very angry about being blocked for a 2nd time and are intent at getting back at the Professor and the rest of us terrible Progressives!
    Question: if you hate Progressives so much why do you bother with us? I hate conservatives with a passion but I certainly don’t waste my time trolling their blogs just to insult them. Believe me Juanito Eugene I have better things to do! LOL! I have a life just like every one of the people who read this blog. Apparently YOU don’t. And as far as hiding your identity… you’re pretty lousy at that as well.
    Now as far as what you said above, it’s just a bunch of utter gibberish and not worth any of us taking time to attempt to educate your chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Too many disconnections.
    Your insult referring to Progressives Professors abusing children is despicable and actually what gave you away. There are good and bad professors at every university just as there are good and bad politicians, good and bad people in every profession.
    LOL! I do believe it’s safe to say that ALL Republican politicians are bad, lying, moronic, sick clowns though!
    So Ok Eugene…come on… Delight us with some of your mastery of the English language and in depth knowledge of political history and current events. We can hardly wait for your half-wit, deceitful analysis and statements.
    Everyone let’s give Juan Roberto Eugene a big hand! clap clap!

  4. Princess Leia September 4, 2013 6:24 pm

    Well said Maggie!

  5. Eugene September 5, 2013 6:41 pm

    Ronald, is not what this so called professor did an abuse of authority? Is not that abusive to kids? Also, I only asked if this is what progressive professors do. I did not make an accusation. Finally this is not about academic freedom , it’s about lying and spewing hateful propaganda in a “creative writing” class! This guy is a lowlife idiot!

  6. Ronald September 5, 2013 6:51 pm

    Eugene, I would say that this professor, what he said, was inappropriate, but not abusive, if we are talking about college age adults, which is the case here. Did you ever stop to think that conservative professors, and there are more of them than you imagine, might also try to promote their viewpoints? But it is not as if grades are decided by that, or that anyone is forced at age 18 and above to accept anything involving opinion of a professor in a class. And conservatives certainly spew forth hateful propaganda and lie constantly, and a creative writing class allows for “creativity” on both sides of the political spectrum. The professor is NOT a low life idiot, but you, by attacking academic freedom, and wanting no freedom of speech, sound much closer to that term, as a narrow minded person, which you should be ashamed of, but of course you are not.

    I have to say that you sound very much like two other people, Juan and Robert, who constantly were abusive and rude, and finally, I decided to block them as not contributing anything positive to the blog, so I warn you that you are treading on dangerous ground with your extremist attitudes and rude manner!

  7. dave martin September 6, 2013 2:45 pm

    Yes and let us not forget our dear leaders backing for the murder of the millions of Americans waiting to be born!

  8. Ronald September 6, 2013 3:15 pm

    Again, Dave, you rant and rave, but do you wish to support poor children of poor parents, on Food Stamps and other government programs, or wish to cut them? Speak up, we cannot hear you!

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