Day: September 9, 2013

The Tragedy Of September 11 Twelve Years Later: We Are Afraid, Even In Face Of A Threat!

This Wednesday, we will mark 12 years since the horrifying events of September 11, 2001. and we reach that date in a divided country, basically afraid to stand for principle and against terror and mass murder by means outlawed in 1925.

Barack Obama seems unlikely to gain support for punishment against Syria’s government for using chemical warfare against its own civilian population.

Congress is playing politics and fear–the Republicans using politics and the Democrats fear—and we are about to sit back and allow violation of international law and respect for ethics and morality to be seen as insignificant.

This will reverberate in a very negative fashion, and it is highly likely we will face a greater threat from Iran or North Korea in the future, by our refusal to take a strong stand, and emasculating the Presidency of the United States, which will create long term damage!

It is certain that we will regret what is happening, and there is still time to change course, but it looks as if it will require a miracle!

For the future of our nation, let us hope at the last minute that politics and fear will be replaced by principle, courage, and resolve!