Day: March 23, 2013

Barack Obama, The Successful Diplomat In The Middle East!

President Barack Obama is finishing a triumphant trip to the Middle East, having visited Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan, and making clear the following:

America will continue to be backing Israel in any threat from any source, including Iran.

The only way to ultimate peace and tranquility is for there to be a Palestinian state alongside Israel, with both accepting the reality of a moderate government that respects the rights of both nations, and gives opportunity to young Palestinians and young Israelis for a future secure and prosperous existence.

Obama was able to convince Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to apologize to Turkey for an unfortunate naval incident in 2010, therefore helping to restore good relations between the two nations, an important development for Middle East stability.

It is clear that a large portion of the Israeli people, particularly the young, admire Obama, based on the reception he received in his most important speech, one of the greatest of the Obama Presidency. The government of Netanyahu is, clearly, more hawkish than the general Israeli population, but Ohama is working on him to promote hopes for a peaceful resolution, ultimately, of the Middle East conflict!

Barack Obama knows that Netanyahu must deal with him, and Obama now has the upper hand, but with the assurance that America will act, if need be, against an Iranian nuclear threat!