Day: March 13, 2013

The Most Victimized Group In American Society: Single Mothers

When one looks at American society today, it is clear that it is single mothers who are the most victimized group in America.

Single mothers exist in such large numbers because the concept of being married before having children has long been played down as an ethical and moral standard.

Conservatives, Republicans and highly devout Christians and Jews also preach that every time a fetus is conceived, the mother should carry through to term, which often leads to poverty and deprivation for the child and the mother.

Of course, also there are women who are abandoned by their boyfriends or their husbands, or are divorced or widowed, leaving them with the total task of bringing up their children.

And statistics show the following realities:

Single mothers have triple the poverty rate of the rest of the population.

One fourth of all mothers are single women at one time or another.

Half of all children will spend some time in a single mother household.

Single mothers have the highest rate of low wage employment.

Single mothers have the highest wage gap.

Single mothers have the lowest net worth and the highest chance for bankruptcy.

Half of all households since the year 2000 are led by a single the breadwinner.

All this is reality as conservatives and Republicans look to do the following:

Slash welfare programs; cut enforcement of child support; limit child tax credits; work against protection of women from sexual and emotional abuse; and overall, blame single mothers for all the wrongs of society!

So, in other words, make sure you have all pregnancies go to term, but do not expect government to assist in making life easier for single mothers, god forbid! And do not promote birth control, as that is against the natural order of things, interfering with God’s Plan!

Expect single mothers to pay child care costs, clothing costs for work, transportation costs to get to and from work, and blame them when their children may turn out to have lack of supervision, which may lead to membership in gangs and other socially unacceptable activities, which may lead to crime!

And of course, single mothers are often subject to violence and abuse themselves, as there is no sense of honor or respect for the amazing job that 99 percent of these single women of any race accomplish, despite an anti women attitude by so many politicians and conservative ideologists!

Until this major social ill is confronted and dealt with through compassion and reaching out, the plight of single mothers and their children will continue to be a serious crisis in America’s future!

Post Presidential Friendships Of Former Competitors

An interesting phenomenon is the history of post Presidential friendships of former competitors for the Presidency.

Most of the time when candidates, whether in the Presidency or working toward it, compete against each other, there is such “bad blood” that it never dissipates after both of them have left the Presidency.

Examples of “bad blood” remaining are John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson; William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt; Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt; and Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

The only exceptions to this reality had been John Adams and Thomas Jefferson; and Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, with both relationships being well known friendships AFTER the White House years.

But now we can add the developing, strong friendship of George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, which was further revealed recently with the publication of letters the elder Bush wrote in praise of Clinton, with the two men becoming very close in their work after the Asian tsunami in 2004. Clinton is clearly seen by Bush as like another son, a part of the Bush family, and the two men have developed a powerful friendship that now can be added to the other two examples of a post Presidential friendship of former competitors.

So the score is now 4-3, still a case of rivalry and distaste by four sets of former Presidential competitors, but now demonstrating three examples of warm relationships when the heat and fire of a campaign wears down, and leads over time to a sense of shared experiences that bring two Presidents close together!