Commemoration Of The Selma To Montgomery March 48 Years Ago: Bloody Sunday Cannot Be Forgotten

On March 7, 1965, a civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, for voting rights for African Americans, was the location of brutal police action at the Edmund Pettus Bridge against the peaceful civil rights demonstrators.

John Lewis, now a long term Congressman from Georgia, incurred a cracked skull that day, and today, he and Al Sharpton and many other people of all races converged on the site to commemorate the horrible events of that day 48 years ago, which had the effect of galvanizing action by Congress and President Lyndon B. Johnson within four months, with the passage of the Voting Rights Act.

Joining them today was Vice President Joe Biden, giving his usual inspiring speech, and making clear that the Voting Rights Act is now, now under potential threat of having the crucial Section 5 declared unconstitutional by a conservative Republican majority chosen by Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush. The Court may be ready to show they have either forgotten history, or choose to ignore the history of that day, and trust that the Southern states, which have worked to make voting more difficult in 2012 and earlier, can be trusted to avoid undermining the basic right to vote for all citizens, which is supposedly guaranteed by the 15th, 19th, and 26th Amendments,

This is a day to recall and to commit to prayer and statesmanship, hoping that the Supreme Court will do the right thing, and retain Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, since Congress has constantly renewed it, and ignore the call of states rights, which has been constantly tied to bigotry and discrimination!

22 comments on “Commemoration Of The Selma To Montgomery March 48 Years Ago: Bloody Sunday Cannot Be Forgotten

  1. Juan Domingo Peron March 4, 2013 8:57 am

    Some politicians, community agitators, activist and people, don’t seem to realize we are in 2013 not the 1960’s!!!! It’s funny how the same people who sustain the SCOTUS must interpret the Constitution according to the times, that it be a “living and breathing” document want it stuck in 1965! I’m not surprised, after all they are the same bunch who fanatically scream we should look and move “forward” (camarade LOL), but can’t get away from looking back and imposing on the rest of us the 1930’s New Deal policies and mindset!!

  2. Ronald March 4, 2013 9:20 am

    The 1930s mindset is still valid, as we are in the worst economic conditions since the 1930s since 2008, and still recovering. And racial division and prejudice still exists in the South as it did in the 1960s, whether you want to accept it or not!

  3. Engineer Of Knowledge March 4, 2013 9:33 am

    Hello Professor,
    As you well know, I am old enough to remember this day quite well. Many of my generation knew that we were watching history in the making during this time period.

    I have just finished a posting stating that on February 7, 2013 Mississippi legislators have finally ratified the 13th Amendment!!” Allow me to reiterate….Until this past February 7th, 2013, Slavery Was Officially Still Legal In Mississippi!!!

    I see this as a perfect example to counter those whom want to make the argument that, “”States’ Rights” should over rule and have precedence over “Federal Laws.””

    These backwards thinking Southern States such as Mississippi, Kentucky, etc, if left to their own governances would never progress past mid-evil superstitions and mindsets.

    Even Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia is quoted as saying, “The voting rights act represents the perpetuation of racial entitlements. (I guess because voting apparently is now an “Entitlement” and not a right originally set forth by our Founding Fathers?)

    Scalia then went onto explain and justify his previous statement on why it would be fine to scrap the voting rights act with, “They’re not trying to keep black people from voting because they’re “Black”….They’re keeping them from voting because they’re Democrats…..and I can’t argue with that! (Well so much for fair elections, one person – one vote, democracy thing.)

    The truly sad aspect is this is one of those whose appointment is to uphold the laws of this Democracy….and he is this blatant with his distain.

    There is a motivational poster that sums it up quite well, “Try to be informed, not just opinionated.” I have found this to be the pit fall of the extreme conservative right. Opinions empowered by Ignorance!

  4. Ronald March 4, 2013 9:57 am

    Thank you, Engineer of Knowledge, for your wisdom and insights. It is good to see there is still some sanity out there, which understands the importance of continuing the Voting Rights Act. Justice Scalia shows his ignorance of history, and even the discrimination visited against his own Italian heritage in the South historically, and yet he wants us to go by the “original” ideas of the Founding Fathers, who set up a Constitution with an “elastic clause” that he seems to have forgotten, because they knew times would change and that the Constitution was not written in stone, without ability to be adapted to changing times!

  5. Juan Domingo Peron March 4, 2013 12:02 pm

    Engineer, please stick to engineering if you happen to be one . The fact that Mississippi did not ratify the 13th amendment until 1995 does not mean that slavery was legal in that state. There is something called the Supremacy Clause in the US Constitution and once the amendment passes and is approved it becomes the law of the land for all the country. For example, there are various amendment that have not been ratified by all the states, some have even been rejected, and yet once the amendment reached the limit of state ratification it becomes law of the land. But just to be precised the Mississippi legislature ratified the amendment in 1995, even though it was not necessary. What they failed to do was communicate it officially to the US archives,that is all , it was just a formality. In any event the ratification occurred in 1995, when the Democrats lost hold of the government in Mississippi for the first time since the Reconstruction, 1876 to be precise. They had a Republican governor, Kirk Fordice and under the Republican party, once again, that formality of ratifying the 13 amendment occurred. It was not under a Democrat governor! So we had all through the 20th century, up until 1992 , Mississippi governed by Liberal/Progressive Democrats and once they elect a Republican because they have left behind the racist politics and policies of the Democrats, once they have advanced passed racism by electing a Republican, that is seen as something to be attacked, as a sign that things have not changed in the south! If Mississippi would have continued electing Democrats, and not have ratified the 13 amendment , I may agree that they have not changed. But they did, the election of Republicans prove it! As a matter of fact they have a Republican governor today Phil Bryant, that did what past Democrat Governor Ronnie Musgrove, did not do, send the ratification notice to the archives!!

  6. Ronald March 4, 2013 12:15 pm

    Juan, stop calling Mississippi a Liberal Progressive Democratic state, as northern Democrats fought the racism of that state for a long time, and it is insulting to imply otherwise! And Mississippi had new restrictions on voting interfered with by the Justice Department in 2012. Nothing is new under Republicans in that state, just change of name!

  7. Juan Domingo Peron March 4, 2013 12:58 pm

    Are you saying that the Democrats in Mississippi were not progressive liberal? Please detail the new restrictions on voting that Mississippi implemented. I hope its not just having an ID to vote! LOL! That is just so racist!

  8. Ronald March 4, 2013 3:03 pm

    Requiring a photo ID has never been necessary in Florida or New York, where I used to live years ago, and there is no need for one anywhere, as long as one registers and has a voter registration card. Not everyone has a driver’s license, and unless the state is willing to subsidize the cost of a photo ID for poor people, it is a poll tax to demand a photo ID at the voter’s cost. And Mississippi knew what it was doing, discouraging the black vote, and the old Jim Crow mentality is alive. If the federal government is not allowed to police the situation, a fast deterioration in voting will develop, and you know it!

  9. Juan Domingo Peron March 4, 2013 3:24 pm

    So you are implying that poor people in Mississippi cannot pay $13 for a government issue photo ID!!??? Do you want me to list again what is considered being poor in the US according to the Census Bureau? I mean it is insulting to suggest people cannot pay $13 in Mississippi for a government issue photo ID. And to further suggest that blacks cannot pay 13$ , not every year, but once in their lifetime for an ID is even more insulting! How can progressive/liberals get away with demeaning and insulting an entire segment of the population and not only get away with it but end up being applauded is a mystery to me. I means its mind-boggling.

  10. Juan Domingo Peron March 4, 2013 3:27 pm

    Oh an by the way, I cost $3 whole friggin’ dollars in Florida!!!!!!!!

  11. Ronald March 4, 2013 3:59 pm

    Many states have tried to put very specific requirements upon potential voters that require much more than the amount you say, and in rural counties, many people do not have access to many government locations to take care of the matter. I have read this in various publications, but do not recall precisely where. The same thing, cutting voting, also is accomplished by limiting days and hours of voting, as Florida did, for example. That helped to cut voting in Republican controlled states.

  12. Juan Domingo Peron March 4, 2013 4:13 pm

    Good grief! I remember when voting was done on one day. When I returned to the States I couldn’t believe these multiple early day voting crap! What the hell was this? In any event here is the list of how much it cost to get a voter ID! Not a DL just an ID. So in rural areas people are without DL, they don’t drive. They have no ID at all? Well then how did they register to vote in the first place. Lets say they have no government office nearby, well the got 2yrs between elections to find one!!!!!
    Alabama – $23
    Alaska – Under 60 is $15, over 60 is free
    Arizona – $12. Over 65 is free
    Arkansas – $10
    California – $23. Free for those over 62. $7 for low income folks
    Colorado – $10.50. Free for those over 60
    Connecticut – $15
    Delaware -$5
    Florida – $3 whole friggin’ dollars!!!!!!
    Georgia -$20 for 5 years, $35 for $10 years
    Hawaii – $15 for under 65, $10 for over 65
    Idaho – $7.50. Renewals can even be done by mail
    Illinois – $20, free for seniors over 65with no renewal necessary
    Indiana – $13 under 65, $10 for over 65, last for 6 years
    Iowa – $5
    Kansas – $18 under 65, $14 over 65
    Kentucky – $12
    Louisiana – Average $21, free for over 60
    Maine – $5
    Maryland – $15, free for those over 65
    Massachusetts – $15
    Michigan – $10, free for seniors. Oh, and those with mental impairments (hint, hint)
    Minnesota – $15.50, $10.75 for those 65 and up
    Mississippi – $13
    Missouri – $11
    Montana – $8
    Nebraska – $23.75 (lots of different fees for those under 21)
    Nevada – $11.25. For 65 and up, new is $6.25, renewal is $2.25
    New Hampshire – haven’t been able to find the cost, even at the New Hampshire DMV or New Hampshire’s main site
    New Jersey – $24
    New Mexico – $5 for 5 years, $8 for 10 years
    New York – Depending on length, $9 to $14. 62 and up, $6.50
    North Carolina – $10
    North Dakota – $8
    Ohio – $8.50
    Oklahoma – $10
    Oregon – $29 for 8 years
    Pennsylvania – $10, and they make it really, really easy
    Rhode Island – $15, free for 59 and up
    South Carolina – $5
    South Dakota – $8
    Tennessee – $12.50. For those 65 and up, they never expire
    Texas – $15. 60 and up, $5 and never has to be renewed
    Utah – $18. Never expires for those 65 and up
    Vermont – $15, $10 if you get Social Security Income
    Virginia – $10
    Washington – $20
    West Virginia – can’t find an actual figure
    Wisconsin – $28 for eight years
    Wyoming – $10, never expires
    Washington, D.C. – How much you got? In reality, $20.

  13. Ronald March 4, 2013 5:20 pm

    I get your point on the fees, but with so many people voting, there is a need for multiple days of voting, and in many cases, people cannot find the time or gain time off on Election Day to vote. I had not compiled a list of fees as you have, so I give you credit for that, but still there is a need for the Voting Rights Act, nevertheless, as voting rights should be under the aegis of the federal government, not the whim of changing state governments that are out to discourage voting. History DOES matter!

  14. Ronald March 4, 2013 5:27 pm

    You are really going overboard to make out what happened in the South 140 years ago reflects on the modern Democratic Party, as those Southerners were not “progressives” or “liberals”, and the Republican Party stood by and did nothing after Reconstruction to help Southern blacks.

    If you can do that, then I can say that the modern GOP represents the good leadership of Lincoln and TR, but of course, that is not true as they would both be shocked that their party has become similar to the old Southern Democrats they fought against! The Republican Party of today is as despicable as the old “Dixiecrats”, and who would have thought that the GOP would get in “bed” with the Confederate mentality, including states rights, which was fought over in the Civil War?

  15. Juan Domingo Peron March 4, 2013 7:49 pm

    Again name one god-damned piece of Jim Crow legislation presented by the Republican Party or by any conservative/classic liberal politician! And I am sorry, but the 10th amendment exists, and the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Its not a matter of state rights it’s a matter of respecting the Constitution. So I really do not understand why this hatred towards the Constitution. What is your problem? Actually I do understand , you’re a progressive and as such despise the Constitution. So now just because repentant Democrats, who have during more than half of their miserable existence as a party, were slavery defenders, segregationist , Klansman and more, say that if anyone who defends the 10th amendment is racist and as despicable as the Dixiecrats, we have to just lay back and accept it? Really? Well guess what? Hell No! And don’t come to me with that crap that it was the Dixiecrat not the Democrat party, they were in your party! Your Party accepted them! Deal with it! Deal with the Al Gore Seniors, and the JFK voting against the Civil Rights act of 1957! We conservative/classic liberals, the true liberals in the classic sense of this nation, whose name was stolen by the progressives Democrats that started calling themselves “liberals” with FDR because it was shameful to be called a progressive, are not going to let Democrats, progressives or whatever the hell you want to call yourself, define us! All you do is accuse us of racist, when we never have been, are nor will be racist because God dammit we believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, that all men are created equal and that our inalienable rights come from the Creator not from some bastard government bureaucrat or agency! And it was the Republican Party, the conservative/classic liberals of this country who fought and spilled blood to defeat slavery and end segregation! It was not the progressive leftist Democrats! Why I could show you leaflets and books written during the civil war from progressive leftist and socialist of the time affirming that a slave had it better of than a worker in the north! That the plantation was the ideal organization! Where a slave didn’t have to worry about food or shelter and if he was worth it he even got medical care ! SOUND FAMILIAR!!! You don’t get to accuse any conservative/classic liberal of being a racist when your first progressive rat of a President, Woodrow Wilson was one of the most racist ever! And he was no conservative classic/liberal! He was a progressive and he , as all progressive do, despise the Constitution because it limits their insatiable thirst for power! Read hia frig gin book “The State”!!! The only despicable party is the Democrat Party, a party that is the equivalent in the US of the NAZI PARTY in Germany! The only party in America that fought for the enslavement and annihilation of a whole race! The misery and horror the Democrat Party has brought to millions for over a century! The Nazi bastards lasted a little more over a decade but the Democrats extended their hatred and racism for over a 100 years! And I don’t give a damn if they were progressive because even when they called themselves progressives they were racist! And yet today they go about as if they had a positive influence in civil rights in this country! They were the reason millions had their lives destroyed! So no matter what their heirs want to do today their past is unforgivable! And I as millions of Americans will never ever forget nor forgive what the Democrat Party has done. It would be like accepting a reformed Nazi party into society, and in the process bleaching their past! It would be like the world that defeated the Nazis would today have to accept from the reformed Nazis the accusation of antisemitism! Can you imagine a reformed Nationalist-Socialist accusing anyone of antisemitism! Well that is exactly how we conservative/classic liberals feel when a progressive/leftist liberal Democrat accuses us of racism!! Who the damned hell do they think they are! We know our history, we know the truth, you don’t get to go around gratuitously accusing all those who don’t agree with you as racist! Especially if you are a Democrat! Why I would be ashamed to belong to the Democrat Party! That dammed Democrat Party even wants to steal Lincoln from us! No one will virtually never hear that the Palmer Raids, Prohibition, or American eugenics were thoroughly progressive phenomena. These are sins America itself must atone for. But never the progressives! Yet your history as a party, as a movement is disgraceful and a couple of civil rights laws passed in the 60’s isn’t going to change that! And I list a few.
    1) The Trail of Tears (1838): The first Democrat President, Andrew Jackson and his successor Martin Van Buren, herded Indians into camps, tormented them, burned and pillaged their homes and forced them to relocate with minimal supplies. Thousands died along the way.
    2) Democrats Cause The Civil War (1860): The pro-slavery faction of the Democrat Party responded to Abraham Lincoln’s election by seceding, which led to the Civil War.
    3) Formation of the KKK (1865): Along with 5 other Confederate veterans, Democrat Nathan Bedford Forrest created the KKK.
    4) 300 Black Americans Murdered (1868): “Democrats in Opelousas, Louisiana killed nearly 300 blacks who tried to foil an assault on a Republican newspaper editor.”
    5) The American Protective League and The Palmer Raids (1919-1921): Under the leadership of Woodrow Wilson, criticizing the government became a crime and a fascist organization, the American Protective League was formed to spy on and even arrest fellow Americans for being insufficiently loyal to the government. More than 100,000 Americans were arrested, with less than 1% of them ever being found guilty of any kind of crime.
    6) Democrats Successfully Stop Republicans From Making Lynching A Federal Crime (1922): “The U.S. House adopted Rep. Leonidas Dyer’s (R., Mo.) bill making lynching a federal crime. Filibustering Senate Democrats killed the measure.”
    7) The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment (1932-1972): Contrary to what you may have heard, Democrats in Alabama did not give black Americans syphilis. However, the experimenters did know that subjects of the experiment unknowingly had syphilis and even after it was proven that penicillin could be used to effectively treat the disease in 1947, the experiments continued. As a result, a number of the subjects needlessly infected their loved ones and died, when they could have been cured.
    8) Japanese Internment Camps (1942): Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an executive order that led to more than 100,000 Japanese Americans being put into “bleak, remote camps surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards.”
    9) Alger Hiss Convicted Of Perjury (1950): Hiss, who helped advise FDR at Yalta and was strongly defended by the Left, turned out to be a Soviet spy. He was convicted of perjury in 1950 (Sadly, the statute of limitations on espionage had run out), but was defended by liberals for decades until the Verona papers proved so conclusively that he was guilty that even most his fellow liberals couldn’t continue to deny it.
    10) The West Virgina Democrat primary is rigged by John F. Kennedy (1960): From an interview with the late, great Robert Novak.
    John Hawkins: You also said that without question, John F. Kennedy rigged the West Virginia Democratic primary in (1960), but that the Wall Street Journal killed the story. Do you think that sort of thing is still occurring with great regularity and do you wish the Journal had reported the story when it happened?
    Robert Novak: In my opinion, they should have. They sent two reporters down to West Virginia for six weeks and they came back with a carefully documented story on voter fraud in West Virginia, buying votes, and how he beat Humphrey in the primary and therefore got the nomination. But, Ed Kilgore, the President of Dow Jones and publisher of the Wall Street Journal, a very conservative man, said it wasn’t the business of the Wall Street Journal to decide the nominee of the Democratic Party and he killed the story. That story didn’t come out for many, many years — 30-40 years. It was kept secret all that time.
    11) The Bay of Pigs (1961): After training a Cuban militia to overthrow Castro, Kennedy got cold feet and didn’t give the men all the air support they were promised. As a result, they were easily defeated by Castro’s men and today, Cuba is still ruled by a hostile, anti-American dictatorship and millions of Cubans lived enslaved in a horrible Island “Plantation”!
    12) Fire Hoses And Attack Dogs Used On Children (1963): Birmingham, Alabama’s notorious Commissioner of Public Safety, Democrat Bull Connor, used attack dogs and fire hoses on children and teenagers marching for civil rights. Ultimately, thousands of them would also be arrested.
    13) Stand In The Schoolhouse Door (1963): Democrat George Wallace gave his notorious speech against integrating schools at the University of Alabama in which he said, “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”
    14) Escalation In Vietnam (1964): Lyndon Johnson dramatically escalated our troops’ presence in Vietnam while he simultaneously put political restrictions in place that made the war unwinnable. As a result, 58,000 Americans died in a war that ultimately achieved none of its aims.
    15) Chappaquiddick (1969): The Democrats’ beloved “Liberal Lion” of the Senate, Ted Kennedy ran off the road into a tidal pool with passenger Mary Jo Kopechne in the car. Kennedy swam free and then spent 9 hours plotting how he would reveal the news to the press while she slowly suffocated to death.
    16) Democrats Deliver South Vietnam To The North (1975): In 1975, when there were no Americans left in Vietnam, the left wing of the Democratic Party killed the government of South Vietnam, cut off all of its funding, cut off all of its ammunition, and sent a signal to the world that the United States had abandoned its allies.
    17) The Iranian Hostage Crisis (1979-1981): 52 Americans were held hostage by the government of Iran for 444 days. After Jimmy Carter’s disastrous, failed rescue attempt, the hostages were finally released after Ronald Reagan’s inaugural address.
    18) Bill Clinton turns down Osama Bin Laden (1996): In Bill Clinton’s own words, “‘Mr. bin Laden used to live in Sudan. He was expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1991, then he went to Sudan. And we’d been hearing that the Sudanese wanted America to start meeting with them again. They released him. At the time, 1996, he had committed no crime against America so I did not bring him here because we had no basis on which to hold him, though we knew he wanted to commit crimes against America.’ — Bill Clinton explains to a Long Island, N.Y., business group why he turned down Sudan’s offer to extradite Osama Bin Laden to America in 1996.” Had Bill Clinton accepted Sudan’s offer, 9/11 would have likely never happened.
    19) Bill Clinton was impeached (1998): Clinton became only the 2nd President in American history to be impeached after he lied under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Plus is the only President to have been disbarred!
    20) America loses its AAA credit rating (2011): The United States was first given its AAA credit in 1917, but it couldn’t survive Barack Obama’s record breaking spending. In 2011, America lost its AAA credit rating
    Yes I would be ashamed to be a progressive/liberal leftist Democrat! A real despicable party!

  16. Ronald March 4, 2013 8:12 pm

    Juan, you are truly acting like a lunatic with a lot of hate, and while some of what you write is true, you have gone beyond normal discourse with your rhetoric, and I think you need a psychiatrist and a psychologist, if you see the Republican Party as being ANYTHING like Lincoln and TR!

    The GOP has been a total disgrace, owned by the corporate interests, only for the wealthy, and having put us in the two worst economic collapses in American history. They have been against almost all political, social and economic reforms as a party, with exceptions of a few courageous members of Congress and an occasional Governor. I am not denying that a good portion of what you write is true, but you also act as if the GOP has always done everything properly, and has made no blunders or errors. You have bought the Republican conservative line “hook, line and sinker”, and have lost all perspective.

    If you continue to write in the manner above, I will block you for good, as normal discourse is not possible with the way you are behaving. So it is up to you, as I can block you, and am ready to do so if you continue to spew your hate and extremism!

  17. Ronald March 4, 2013 9:15 pm

    Juan, you have to understand that I do NOT sanitize the Democratic Presidents as I teach and lecture. I point out their shortcomings, but I refuse to label the party as being the Southern Democrats, who were always the dark side, which I point out clearly. But since FDR, a lot of good has been done, and the best thing for the Democrats was that the old mentality quit the party and joined the GOP, which I know you will contend is not true, but in reality it is true, whether you accept it or not.

    I also praise Republican Presidents when it is appropriate, as Nixon on many issues, Ford on some, Bush I on some, but find Reagan and Bush II much harder to defend on most matters, although I NEVER totally attack anyone, as you did above! I can even defend Hoover and Taft, as well as Garfield, Hayes, Arthur in limited ways.

    All parties and all politicians have their good and bad elements and history, and all I am asking of you is to lower the temperature and stop the hyperbole that goes much too far, and makes you seem berserk at times.

    I have been very civil and willing to discuss issues with you, but I resent the tone that you use as you lambast the Democrats in absolute terms, rather than in a measured way!

  18. Juan Domingo Peron March 4, 2013 9:22 pm

    I see how this works. You have the right, because it is your blog, to call anyone who does not agree with you or the Democrat Party , a racist and despicable, yet if one responds to your attacks , one is immediately called out as hateful! I wonder who goes around posting that certain people and ideas, aka conservatives are like “cancer” to the Republican Party ? (Suggestion , you should not use that word so lightly since there are many people who have lost loved ones to that terrible disease.) You should look at yourself in a mirror. Then you come out all civilized toned and trying to lecture civility. Lecture who? Lecture what? It’s like Obama, he accuses us of hating the poor,children, the ill, the minorities ,of wanting dirty air and water for our children, of wanting to kill grandma and a bunch of other outrageous accusation, like just yesterday saying Republicans are forcing the government to chose between a sick child and a poor child, but when we call him out on it, we end up being the racist! Then he gets all sensitive if someone calls or implies he is a socialist! Just like you, you immediately defend yourself saying “I am not a socialist”! Have I ever said you were? And if I would have, would that be an insult? There are a bunch of Democrats who proudly call themselves socialist. I just wish more of them would be more honest and come out. But I digress. As for me believing the Republican party is perfect, are you serious? Have you not read my comments where I criticized part of the Republican establishment as belonging to the elitist “ruling class” in Washington and other areas? Have I not criticized both Bush Presidency’s as a big government Republicans. Have I not called out the Roves,the Doles, the McCains, the Rockefellers of the party!? As for my extremism , well yes my disgust toward the Nazi is extreme! Towards the Democrats that caused so much suffering, pain and misery is also extreme! I don’t deny my contempt towards the Democrat Party’s history and I believe I mentioned exactly why! As a matter of fact why anyone who belongs to any minority votes Democrat is beyond me. It would be like my wife, who is Jewish, voting for the modern day Nazi party in Austria! I am sorry but that is the historical equivalent. The Republicans whether they be moderate or conservative/classic liberals are far from perfect, I am the first to say it, but they never supported any of the policies the Democrats racist and segregationist have and that’s whether they be progressive or not. Nor do conservative/classic liberals Republicans support anything like that today. Only in a feverish mind can anyone believe to the contrary!To equate voter ID laws to Jim Crow laws and Bull Conner is an insult! Now if that is spewing hate, if telling the truth about the Democrat party is being hateful and extremist, well I am sorry but it is the truth and therefore I am guilty as charged. Democrats whether they be progressive leftist or not have no moral authority to accuse any conservative/classic liberal Republicans of being racist. Just because you equate big government programs to civil rights does not make them so, nor does it make those who oppose such programs and big government statist policies, racist. Just because you believe it hiper-regulations of the economy does not make us who don’t people who hate the poor and minorities. Just because you believe in unlimited spending does not make us who oppose it extremist! Just because you believe a new government program is the equivalent of progress does not make us who oppose it anti-reform or anti-progress. As a matter of fact in my view, many so called “progressive” policies are actually regressive!

  19. Ronald March 4, 2013 9:30 pm

    The word “Nazi” is not appropriate to use for the Democratic Party in the last 80 years, as they fought for civil rights, and pushed the Dixiecrats out of the party with their promotion of human rights. The Southern Democrats were despicable, but the Nazis killed millions, and the abuse of blacks never reached that level, so it is inappropriate to use that pejorative term. Let us both tone down our rhetoric, both you and I, so that we can have more intelligent, less strident, discussions? Ok? Handshake?

  20. Juan Domingo Peron March 4, 2013 9:49 pm


  21. Ronald March 4, 2013 10:55 pm

    Thanks, Juan! 🙂 It might be nice if someday we met in person, to size each other up! LOL 🙂 I bet we would actually like and respect each other, as I have friends who vehemently disagree with me, but we are still friends! 🙂

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