Inaugural Addresses And History

Some statistics on Inaugural Addresses:

Longest–William Henry Harrison, 1841–about 8,000 words, and led to illness for Harrison and his death one month later.

Shortest–George Washington—1793–a mere 135 words, which took about two minutes to utter.

Memorable By Chronology
Thomas Jefferson First Inaugural Address—1801
Abraham Lincoln—Second Inaugural Address—1865, only 700 words
Woodrow Wilson—Second Inaugural Address—1917
Franklin D. Roosevelt–First Inaugural Address–1933
Harry Truman—Inaugural Address—1949
John F. Kennedy–Inaugural Address–1961
Ronald Reagan—First Inaugural Address—1981
Bill Clinton—Second Inaugural Address—1997
Barack Obama–First Inaugural Address—2009–historic because first African
American President

Most Historic—Lincoln, FDR, JFK—usually in that order.

2 comments on “Inaugural Addresses And History

  1. Engineer Of Knowledge January 19, 2013 10:52 am

    Hello Professor,
    I want to pass on that I have been working a LOT of hours starting at the first of the year and to include that the battery on my laptop is slowing dying. Where I have not commented much I do want to pass on that I try to read your postings everyday.

    I always love your insightful comments and thoughts. With the “Inaugural Swearing In” coming this Monday, I want to comment how accurate your election outcome analyzations were. Basically you were spot on! I give this as proof that you know very well your chosen profession.

  2. Ronald January 19, 2013 11:10 am

    I want to thank you, Engineer of Knowledge, for your kind words and support. It is well received, particularly at a time when many have attacked me viciously, in an insulting manner. I have no problem with criticism, but when it becomes antagonistic and threatening, I will not put it on the blog. It just saddens me that there is so much polarization, and refusal to give our President credit for anything he does. I have dedicated my career to promoting tolerance and the truth, but unfortunately, we have a very hostile climate now politically, that I pray will improve in the future. Thanks again!

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