Day: March 13, 2012

Rick Santorum: Another Barry Goldwater, But Far Worse!

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum’s victories in Dixie tonight, in Alabama and Mississippi, now sets up the ultimate confrontation between Establishment Republicans and the extreme right wing of the party.

The difference is that Mitt Romney is no Nelson Rockefeller of 1964, and Rick Santorum is no Barry Goldwater of 1964..

Rockefeller worked to fill the centrist position in the party, while Romney has flirted uncomfortably with trying to satisfy the far Right, which sadly cannot be done.

Barry Goldwater was at heart a libertarian, and Rick Santorum is as far from that as anyone can imagine, with his desire to control the social and private lives of Americans.

Nelson Rockefeller would be shocked at the performance of Mitt Romney, and Barry Goldwater would be totally appalled at the social totalitarian mentality of Rick Santorum.

In his time, 1964, Barry Goldwater was considered a “nightmare” by Establishment Republicans, many of whom, including Rockefeller abandoned him, leading to the worst GOP defeat since 1912.

Today, Rick Santorum is considered a “nightmare” by Establishment Republicans, and many will abandon him if he is the nominee of the Republican Party, and Santorum will suffer the greatest defeat since 1964, 48 years ago!

Rick Santorum, if he won the Presidency, would undermine the country with his right wing views, making him the most extremist President EVER in American history! He would make us long for the times of George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, and William Howard Taft, considered the five most conservative Presidents of the 20th century in no special order, but all having some personality traits or views that showed their humanity!

Rick Santorum has NO such visions or leanings!

No Time For Ignorance Or Narrow Mindedness In the Presidency Or Vice Presidency!

The candidacy of Sarah Palin for Vice President introduced the factor of total ignorance and lack of knowledge of the Alaska Governor in 2008.

We cannot afford another Sarah Palin running for either Vice President or President. We also cannot afford any candidate who would advocate or believe the following ideas:

Anyone who denies the significance of science; anyone who allows religion to be the dominant factor in his or her judgments; anyone who does not have a basic knowledge of our government and history; anyone who believes that it is fine to deny people the right to vote on flimsy grounds; anyone who promotes veiled racism and nativism; anyone who believes we should go back to the 18th century concept of the world; anyone who denies the dangers to the environment; anyone who advocates women going back to the 1950s and earlier; anyone who believes that hard won labor rights should be taken away; anyone who advocates keeping 50 million Americans from having basic health care; and anyone who believes that a college education should not be a goal to promote among young people–anyone who advocates or believes these eleven points—should not be allowed to become our President if we wish to look to the future, rather than go back to our checkered past!

The Gasoline Mythology And Barack Obama’s Public Opinion Ratings

After having improved his public opinion ratings in recent months, with the improvement in unemployment numbers and other successes, suddenly Barack Obama has witnessed a dramatic drop in poll ratings, due primarily to the rise in gasoline prices.

Apparently, the people polled feel that Barack Obama is out to cost them more money in purchase of gasoline for their cars and trucks.

This is totally preposterous, as the facts are that NO PRESIDENT can control the price of gasoline, which is controlled by foreign conditions in the Middle East and elsewhere, and by manipulation of prices by the oil companies and their wealthy supporters, including the Koch Brothers.

The oil companies have heard that Obama wants to cut down oil subsidies on taxypayers’s backs, so this is the way they can undermine him, while making even more obscene profits than ever before.

And of course, the instability over Iran’s development of nuclear capability also contributes to uncertainty, when it comes to the future of oil prices, mostly based on hysteria and panic, rather than reason.

This is not the first time that a President has been undermined by oil prices that he could not control. Ask former President Jimmy Carter about how oil prices rising in 1979 and 1980 harmed his quest for re-election.

Nothing could please conservatives and Republicans more than to see Obama defeated, and then the oil lobby would be in full control of the White House and Capitol Hill, and we would be far worse off!

The gasoline prices will simply make Obama’s battle for re-election tougher, as he will have to try to reason with voters that he has no control over that issue, which again, I wish to reiterate, is the truth!