GREAT News: Unemployment Drops to 8.3 Percent, With Larger Employment Growth Than Expected!

The nation’s unemployment rate dropped dramatically in January, by two tenths of one percent, from 8.5 percent to 8.3 percent, a great sign of economic recovery.

About a quarter of a million jobs were created in the private sector, more than was expected.

This is great news for the Obama Administration, and for those who found work, and it gives hope of a more rapid economic recovery than previously forecast by economists.

It also makes the economy, at least for the moment, much less of a political plus for Mitt Romney or any other Republican Presidential nominee, which is a good thing, as the main focus in the election should not be the economy, but rather foreign policy leadership, and the effects on the future of a President selecting federal judges and the Supreme Court Justices, which has a longer range effect on all Americans than the economic problems we have faced in the past few years.

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