Karl Rove’s Warning To The Republicans: The Bushes Speaking Out Against Rick Perry!

Karl Rove, the mastermind behind the election successes of George W. Bush, has issued a warning against the right wing extremism emerging in the Republican Party. The danger, he warns, is that the party will be seen as extremist, and lose the opportunity to win the White House away from Barack Obama.

What does this warning really indicate? It is that the Bush Family, father George Number 41 , as well as son George Number 43, and likely Jeb Bush and everyone else in the extended family, is terrified at Rick Perry, and to a lesser extent, Michele Bachmann, as being destructive of party success!

Already, Jeb Bush, Jr, second son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, has announced his support of Jon Huntsman, a minor issue, but a sign of the concern within the Bush family and among Establishment Republicans at the threat of Tea Party activists destroying the party for 2012!

It is not outside the realm of possibility that Jeb Bush MIGHT enter the race, if it seems that Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman cannot stop Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, in order to save the party’s future.

So behind the scenes, much is going on that we will be learning about over time, depending on events!

One comment on “Karl Rove’s Warning To The Republicans: The Bushes Speaking Out Against Rick Perry!

  1. Maggie August 16, 2011 8:24 pm

    It’s pretty clear the Rove establishment does not want Perry to be the nominee. I also don’t think they want Bachmann either. So who would they support? I read today that Paul Ryan might be considering a presidential run, especially if he is toast in his own district. What better way to get out of congress and still keep your name in the political forefront…..run for President. I wonder if Ryan might be more acceptable to the Rove bunch. He is so far right..enough to please the T party, he’s aggressively ambitious, ruthless and aligned with the republican agenda. I think the republican establish just might think he could beat President Obama and would shower him with $$$$. Very scary thought~ President Ryan. Hopefully I’m way off base.

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