Day: August 4, 2011

The Progressive Professor On Vacation In Cleveland, Ohio Through August 8: Why Cleveland?

The author will be on vacation in Cleveland, Ohio, from later today through August 8, and will resume writing on this blog on August 9.

The question that may arise is why Cleveland? It may be a bit of a hidden secret to many readers!

Cleveland and the surrounding area are the home of: The Pro Football Hall of Fame; The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; the homes and libraries of Presidents Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield, and William McKinley; and the site of the First Ladies Library and Museum!

So therefore, there is a mix of sports, music, politics and history, and what can possibly be better than that combination?

So with his two sons, the author will be exploring and enjoying these significant tourist sites, and will be back commenting on events beginning next Tuesday! See you then!

Barack Obama Celebrates His 50th Birthday: Time To Make A Commitment To His Re-Election Campaign!

President Obama is 50 years old today, and can look back on two and a half years of many successes, but also many challenges and disappointments.

Obama has been there for the American people, but the opposition Republicans have refused to make any compromises, or give him a break in any form. The vicious attacks against him are ugly and far greater than any made against any President since Richard Nixon.

In the midst of all this, Obama has been dignified and demonstrated grace and willingness to negotiate, but it is clear that whatever he has accomplished and will achieve in the future will be due to his own non stop efforts and persistence, rather than a shared sense of patriotism by the opposition.

It is clearly time for all who understand that Barack Obama has been there for us, and despite everything, has an impressive list of achievements, to join forces and commit themselves to his re-election campaign.

This is not the time to fight and divide by progressive forces who are upset that Obama has not accomplished all of his goals, but rather the time to realize and understand the obstacles in his way, and face the truth that NO Republican, declared or undeclared for the Presidency, would make a better President for the masses of the population than Barack Obama!

So the battle for his re-election must begin in earnest with contributions, and willingness to work and support his campaign in any way possible over the next year and three months!