First Ladies Library And Museum

The Progressive Professor On Vacation In Cleveland, Ohio Through August 8: Why Cleveland?

The author will be on vacation in Cleveland, Ohio, from later today through August 8, and will resume writing on this blog on August 9.

The question that may arise is why Cleveland? It may be a bit of a hidden secret to many readers!

Cleveland and the surrounding area are the home of: The Pro Football Hall of Fame; The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; the homes and libraries of Presidents Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield, and William McKinley; and the site of the First Ladies Library and Museum!

So therefore, there is a mix of sports, music, politics and history, and what can possibly be better than that combination?

So with his two sons, the author will be exploring and enjoying these significant tourist sites, and will be back commenting on events beginning next Tuesday! See you then!