Day: August 2, 2011

Twenty One Years Ago Today, The World Changed For The Worst!

On August 2, 1990, Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein attacked and occupied the oil nation of Kuwait, presenting a threat to Saudi Arabia and all of the Middle East, and to the world’s petroleum supply.

President George H. W. Bush created an international coalition centered around the United Nations to demand that Iraq withdraw, but when that failed, in January 1991, the Persian Gulf War ensued, with it being won in six weeks, successfully removing Iraq from Kuwait, but failing to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Saudi Arabia agreed to allow US forces into their nation, angering Muslim nationalists throughout the Middle East, who hated the thought of Christian troops in the holy land of Mecca and Medina, and Islamic terrorism now became a major threat to the United States and the Western world, with the development of various groups, including Al Qaeda under Osama Bin Laden.

This intervention led long term to September 11, to the invasion of Afghanistan to overcome Al Qaeda, and the later intervention in Iraq, overthrowing Saddam Hussein, but leading to a long bloody civil war engulfing American forces, and taking attention off Afghanistan.

Here we are today, with American troops in Iraq, although not in combat, and war continuing in Afghanistan, our two longest wars in American history, and effectively bankrupting our economy, causing massive expenditures in fighting terrorism and defending US interests in the Middle East, and promoting the loss of civil liberties through the Patriot Act, and the inability to deal with the many domestic problems our country faces.

So on this 21st anniversary of Iraq going into Kuwait, one can see the long range deleterious effects of this short lived war, with damaging impact that threatens the supremacy of the United States domestically and in foreign affairs in 2011!

The Heights And The Depths Of The Presidency: From Bin Laden Assassination To The Debt Ceiling Crisis!

The American Presidency is a glorious office, and also a burden beyond belief!

It has aged its occupants dramatically, often undermined their health, and made them know the greatest heights and the lowest depths of emotions!

A President can be a hero one day, and in a short time, be regarded by many Americans as a loser and bum!

Witness the travails of Barack Obama, who, exactly three months ago, was being hailed for having accomplished the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the greatest strike yet against the terrorism that led to September 11.

But witness now the great anger and loss of support, to the lowest point so far of his Presidency, over the Debt Ceiling Crisis, although Obama does rate higher than either the Democrats or Republicans in Congress.

Three months ago, it seemed as if Obama was unbeatable for a second term in the White House, but today, he is seen as extremely vulnerable and has alienated much of the progressive base of his own party.

So a President must enjoy the high moments, as he will certainly suffer through the low periods of his Presidency. And Barack Obama has shown great evidence of how the job has worn at him, as his hair has turned noticeably grey in 30 months in office.

One has to wonder why anyone would want to be President, considering the burdens of the job, and yet, there is always a mad dash by those who wish to hold that high office!

Vice President Joe Biden: The Hero Of The Debt Ceiling Crisis!

Now that the Debt Ceiling Crisis has ended with an agreement, it is clear that the true hero of the whole event is Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden, with his 36 years of service in the Senate, and his unique bargaining and negotiating style, really made a difference in the long battle that went on for weeks, bringing the two sides together.

Biden is a master of the Senate as an institution, and although different in style than Lyndon Johnson, really is a legislative genius in a different way.

Barack Obama knew what he was doing when he decided to ask Joe Biden to be his running mate, and Biden has already proved his value to the President and to the nation.

So let’s have a moment of salute and gratitude to the man who helped more than anyone in resolving this debt ceiling controversy!