The Heights And The Depths Of The Presidency: From Bin Laden Assassination To The Debt Ceiling Crisis!

The American Presidency is a glorious office, and also a burden beyond belief!

It has aged its occupants dramatically, often undermined their health, and made them know the greatest heights and the lowest depths of emotions!

A President can be a hero one day, and in a short time, be regarded by many Americans as a loser and bum!

Witness the travails of Barack Obama, who, exactly three months ago, was being hailed for having accomplished the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the greatest strike yet against the terrorism that led to September 11.

But witness now the great anger and loss of support, to the lowest point so far of his Presidency, over the Debt Ceiling Crisis, although Obama does rate higher than either the Democrats or Republicans in Congress.

Three months ago, it seemed as if Obama was unbeatable for a second term in the White House, but today, he is seen as extremely vulnerable and has alienated much of the progressive base of his own party.

So a President must enjoy the high moments, as he will certainly suffer through the low periods of his Presidency. And Barack Obama has shown great evidence of how the job has worn at him, as his hair has turned noticeably grey in 30 months in office.

One has to wonder why anyone would want to be President, considering the burdens of the job, and yet, there is always a mad dash by those who wish to hold that high office!

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