Day: May 25, 2011

Bald Faced Lies Of Republican Presidential Candidates: Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney And All Others!

Tim Pawlenty entered the race for the GOP Presidential nomination in Iowa, stating that we must face the truth about the future, and used the word “truth” 16 times in his declaration statement.

But then he was faced with the fact that he has not been telling the truth about his view of the role of government, as in 2006, while Governor of Minnesota, he said the era of small government was over and that the government needed to be aggressive in pursuit of the regulation of corporations and other special interests, while being interviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

This made him sound “progressive” in his views then, but NOW he is competing for the conservative and Tea Party vote, and trying to make it out as if he was always of the view of limited government and deregulation. So the fact is that Tim Pawlenty is LYING, and has been caught in it!

But then, Mitt Romney has also been shown to be a liar, not only regarding his own Health Care Reform in Massachusetts, which he is actively backing away from, but also in his statement through a spokesman today that the fact that Chrysler and General Motors have become profitable and been able to repay their government loans, is due to the fact that he advocated government aid in 2009, taking credit for what President Obama authorized.

But actually, in 2009, in a newspaper article in the New York Times, he specifically said to let “Detroit fail”! So how can he now take credit for something he never supported, but now claims he endorsed?

Add to this even Jon Huntsman’s reversal on the Health Care law and climate change, and his endorsement of the Paul Ryan Medicare law, which after the disaster in NY 26 yesterday, don’t be surprised if he also reverses on that issue!

It could be argued that ALL politicians switch views and lie, but to have so many examples among the three leading candidates this early, is a sign of the problems the Republican party faces in 2012!

And don’t forget, this is not including the flawed candidacies of “also rans”, such as Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin.

And the hints are now emerging that Sarah Palin may actually decide to run, having, apparently, bought a home in Arizona with her millions in lecture fees and book royalties; the coming out this summer of a laudatory documentary about her, making her out to be a victim who has great virtues; and counterattack beginning with two new books which set out to destroy her reputation and competence, and show her to be a LIAR her whole political life, a total PHONY!

So instead of the old film entitled “Lies, Sex and Videotape”, for the Republican Party, the title should be “Lies, Republicans, and Videotape”!

“Bully”Governor Chris Christie Gets Whacked By New Jersey Supreme Court On Education Funding For Poor Districts!

New Jersey’s Republican Governor, Chris Christie, the original “Bully” Governor, received a major rebuke from the New Jersey State Supreme Court yesterday, when they ruled that the state had to provide $500 million extra funds to the state’s poorest school districts.

Christie had argued that throwing extra money into the poorest school districts would not work, but he conceded that he would comply with the court decision, and that it was up to the state legislature to figure out how to fund those districts, which means likely raising of taxes, although Christie did not say how he would react to such an event.

In any case, the glamour surrounding Christie will now diminish, although many Republicans are clamoring for him to enter the Presidential race, despite his lack of any significant accomplishments except declaring war on education and teachers in New Jersey.

This court decision should have the effect of trimming his sails, as he is clearly NOT the answer for the country, with his lack of tact, diplomacy, and human compassion, and his favoring of the rich and powerful over those less fortunate!