Day: May 31, 2011

A Welcome Respite From The Political “Battles”: A Vacation In Montreal And Quebec City

As May ends, and as Sarah Palin exploits the American people with her bus tour of great historical sites in the Northeast, acting similarly to a person who has never visited these sites and is wide eyed in a naive way about what she sees, but at the same time is toying with us about a possible Presidential candidacy, it is time for a respite from the political “battles”!

Therefore, the “Progressive Professor”, while keeping track of events in public affairs over the next week, will be away on vacation in Montreal and Quebec City, Canada from today, May 31, to June 7.

Upon my return, commentary will resume about events and controversies that may have arisen in my absence, with the certainty that there will be topics worthy of discussion. So until a week from now, the best of wishes to all my readers, and look forward to seeing you on my website after I return!