Is “Birther” Conspiracy Theory Resolved By Release By White House Of Certificate Of Live Birth? Don’t Bet On It!

Anyone who expects that the White House release of Barack Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth this morning will shut up the “Birthers” conspiracy theory is probably going to be disappointed!

It is absolutely insulting that no other President has ever been so mistreated regarding his birth certificate as Barack Obama!

Face the facts: It is because Barack Obama is black, born of a mixed race parentage, and has a Muslim sounding name that he has been put through this hell by loonies and by Donald Trump and others, with all of them knowing full well that it is a false issue, but doing everything they can to perpetuate it as a political issue, rather than focus on the real problems facing the nation, none of which were caused by Barack Obama, but rather by the Wall Street and corporate world and their Republican allies!

In reality, Obama should not have given in to this bull, but it was an honest attempt to move on and focus on the major issues, even though the opposition does not want to focus on the major issues, but want simply for Obama to fail so they can gain power and take us back to the 19th century Gilded Age!

If half of the registered Republicans in a poll still feel they doubt Obama’s birth in the United States, the answer should be simply to say “Enough of your moronic behavior and sick minds, we are moving ahead and exposing that you all have evil intent, and we will fight you tooth and nail and give you hell as we unite the American people in planning a future, not to be controlled by morons and idiots who only have selfishness and greed in your makeup, and do not give a damn for the future of the nation, unless you control all of the economic and social power! We are not going to allow you monsters to make this a fascist nation, and we will fight to our last breath to make sure you do not accomplish your evil goals!”

How does that sound for a fighting spirit to promote the expansion of progressivism, which has brought about ALL of the political, social, and economic progress of the past century, as the author so enunciates in his introductory statement, under “About the Progressive Professor”?

2 comments on “Is “Birther” Conspiracy Theory Resolved By Release By White House Of Certificate Of Live Birth? Don’t Bet On It!

  1. Paul Stroncek April 27, 2011 10:30 pm

    I. I. I. I did this, I did that. Donald Trump is an arrogant pri**. He can’t be serious. Nobody wants a “conservative” that has re-married three times, nor a man who’s companies repeatedly file for bankrupcy. The 20th century is over. Unfortunatly there are no more Rockafellers. Well even they were more libral that this radicalization carnival Trump show. What a joke. Nobody can take him seriously. Will President Obama be re-elected?

  2. Margaret Mitchell, MSRN,, CNS April 28, 2011 12:22 am

    Brilliant Statement Professor!! Them’s fightin words!
    ………………………..AND I’m on board!

    I am disgusted and ashamed that a sitting president had to resort to “proving his rights” as an American because of one reason and one reason only…HE IS BLACK! I am disgusted at the section of our society who has partaken in and consumed this rotten racist birther slop like a bunch of wild pigs, their faces and mouths dripping with stinking, rotten decay of racism. This is what the right wing republican party is. They are stripped naked, down on all fours in the light for all to see the vile evil that they are. At one time the republican party may have been noble, may have had some shred of humanity for their fellow Americans….not just their rich corporate benefactors. What ever decency they may have once possessed no longer exists. It’s time the people of the republican party reevaluate themselves and their despicable leadership and decide if this is the path they want to continue.
    If democracy is to work, the people must be reasonably informed and able to form reasonable judgments. For the last two years, all we’ve heard about is anger,fear mongering, hatred, racist rhetoric from Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O”Rielly, EVERY republican in congress, Sarah Palin and MANY other Grotesques on the right. Republicans firmly believe Money, spewing hate and stupidity is all they require to successfully win elections.
    The whole of the republican party has allowed this assault on the real people to attempt to destroy and eliminate anyone who is even a little more moderate than they are. They have allowed people like Beck, Palin and more recently the BAFOON TRUMP to frame the republican message. Remember this…A party that is intimidated and silent in the face of its extremes is eventually defined by them!

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