First Anniversary Of BP Oil Spill: Nothing Has Changed!

A year ago today, the BP Oil Spill, the worst in US history, began in the Gulf of Mexico, and no one has paid the price of criminal responsibility, and nothing has been done by Congress to deal with the dangers of future oil spills, as corporate America continues to “own” the Republican Party, and even many members of the Democratic Party, as well!

The economy of the Gulf States has been harmed long term, and the environmental damage to wildlife and the water supply is impossible to measure completely, but it will last for years!

Oil drilling is going on, and we are told that this kind of situation will never happen again, but there are no safeguards, other than trust, which is hard to take seriously as a solution!

The odds of any Congressional regulation of the oil industry is nil, and we continue to see our environment destroyed in the name of capitalism and profits, so the future of energy and the environment remains one of no likelihood of any major change in policy!

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