105th Anniversary Of San Francisco Earthquake: A Reminder Of Nuclear And Natural Disaster Likely In The Future!

On this 105th Anniversary of the infamous San Francisco Earthquake, which destroyed much of that city, and is still one of the top few greatest natural disasters in American history, if not the worst, we have a reminder of the doom and gloom predicted in the next 30 years by most scientists!

With a nuclear power plant right on the San Andreas Fault between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and another nuclear power plant between Los Angeles and San Diego, in a state with 37 million people, there is the looming threat of much more than a disastrous earthquake, but also of a much worse tragedy of nuclear radiation on the scale of what has happened last month in Japan and in Chernobyl in the old Soviet Union 25 years ago!

There has long been the prediction of a massive earthquake in California, and despite much planning and building of structures that are supposed to survive such a natural disaster, it is still worrisome that no one can possibly prepare adequately for a natural event such as an earthquake, and be sure that there would not be a worse disaster with a tsunami and or nuclear breakdown!

It seems more a question of when, not if, as to such a natural tragedy and possible nuclear disaster, and the cost of such an event both regarding loss of life and cost is impossible to measure, or to plan for. Disaster preparedness is far from an exact science, and no one seems willing to deal with the financial cost that cannot be forseen until it occurs!

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