Donald Trump And The Presidency: How Can His Behavior Be Explained?

Real estate mogul Donald Trump has always been a showboat, always looking for attention, whether good or bad!

Here is a man who is a billionaire, has had his own television show for 10 years, has had three beautiful wives, four wonderful children, and has had public renown for his entire adult life!

But he also is a person who has obviously poor family values, with two divorces; and has been bankrupt several times!

So one wonders how is he to seen as a potential President, with his low moral values and poor business record?

And how is he to be seen seriously, when he has no tact, no diplomatic skill, and seems to think that if he is President, he can just tell China and other nations to behave, and that they will just bend to his attacks? More likely, he could cause international crises if he acts belligerently in public discourse, and the last thing we need is to become engaged in wars because of loose mouths!

And how can anyone take Trump seriously when he has decided to pursue the “Birther” myth about Barack Obama, when in his heart of hearts, he KNOWS that the whole concept is ridiculous, and that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii!

Trump has lost all credibility by his big mouth toward China and his stupid claims about Obama, and yet he is arrogant enough to think that IF he spends up to $600 million of his own fortune, that somehow he can be elected President!

And the fact that in new polls, Trump ends up second behind Mitt Romney, and ahead of Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and others, is more due to his public celebrity and his constant need to draw attention to himself, even if he sounds totally ridiculous!

The best advice for Donald Trump is the following: Forgo the Presidential race, and spend the $600 million helping the poor, the sick, and the needy in this country!

Also, work on making sure your third marriage survives, and that your business dealings work out properly so there are no more bankrupcies on your part, so that you don’t evade responsibility for your financial dealings yet another time!

And also, Donald, speak to a psychologist and a psychiatrist regarding your constant need for attention, as it has gone way beyond the norm for someone who has had such a charmed life as you have had!

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