The State and Congressional Republicans: A Problem For Presidential “Possibility” Republicans!

The Republican Party, state level and Congressional level, is moving so far to the right of center in American politics that they are presenting a real problem for Presidential “Possibility” Republicans, helping to spur those ambitious for the Presidency to hold back and reassess their chances! It is amazing that no major candidate has yet announced his or her run for the Presidency on the Republican side!

So many of the Republican Presidential field are as loony and dangerous as the state governors, the Tea Party House members, and Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, who would wipe out Medicare and Medicaid as we know it, in a mad dash to cut taxes on the wealthy from 35 percent to 25 percent, making the Republican Party the opposite of Robin Hood–stealing from the masses to give more to the wealthy!

At this point, only a few Republican possibilities for President seem able to appeal to independents and the middle class–Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty–but they would need to separate themselves from the hard right move of the GOP toward the lunatic fringe!

And if any of the three above were to separate themselves enough to win the nomination, they would have a massive headache as to how to move ahead as a centrist leader of a party that is far out of the mainstream!

As the GOP moves further to the right, therefore, the likelihood of an Obama win in 2012 grows geometrically, rather than arithmetically!

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