Day: March 4, 2011

March 4: The Ultimate Day In The History Of The Presidency!

Today, March 4, is indeed the ultimate day for political junkies about the American Presidency!

March 4 was the Inauguration Day for all but 5 of the first 32 Presidents of the United States. Only George Washington (first term delayed inauguration to April 30), and the four Presidents (John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester Alan Arthur) never elected President before 1937 were NOT inaugurated on March 4, and since Washington WAS inaugurated for his second term on March 4, you could say four and a half Presidents were NOT inaugurated on March 4!

Of course, Inauguration Day was changed to January 20, via the 20th Amendment in 1933, making that the day of the inauguration, beginning every fourth year in 1937.

Not only was March 4 the Inauguration Day, but also it has been historic several times beyond just the simple fact of the date itself!

Today, 150 years ago, Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated President in the midst of a national crisis which would lead to the outbreak of the undeclared Civil War six weeks later!

Also, 78 years ago today, Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated President in the midst of the greatest economic collapse in American history, the Great Depression!

Despite the generally acknowledged greatness of both Lincoln and FDR, there are still heated debates today by those who would condemn the actions these two Presidents took to save the nation!

But March 4 is more than just the historic inaugurations of our two greatest Presidents in 1861 and 1933.

It is also the 210th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson, the first opposition party candidate to be inaugurated peacefully, a marvel in world history.

It is also the 182nd anniversary of the inauguration of Andrew Jackson, the first President truly elected by popular vote of the masses, introducing the concept of democracy!

It is also the 146th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, often regarded as the best ever delivered!

It is also the 110th anniversary of the second inauguration of William McKinley with a new Vice President, Theodore Roosevelt, who within six months and ten days would suddenly succeed to the office of the Presidency, and have a massive impact on the institution and the country that no one could have imagined!

So March 4 is indeed an historic day, clearly the single most significant day of the year in the history of the American Presidency!

Republican Party Doctrine: Life Begins At Conception, And Interest In Life Ends At Birth!

The Republican Party is working full scale against a woman’s right to choose, attempting every strategy possible to prevent abortion, no matter what the situation, and badmouthing Planned Parenthood, an organization which only has abortion rights as a small part of its mission to promote family planning, so as to make better parenting of children, which is something very much lacking in America!

So when one analyzes the Republican stand that life begins at conception and every child must be born, no matter what, and then realize that the Republicans now are trying to eliminate ALL aid to poor women and children, due to the budget crisis, one has to wonder how they can look themselves in the mirror!

Leave it to the GOP to try to eliminate all health, education and housing aid for the poor, and basically blaming poor people for being poor, when a large percentage of the poor ARE children born to teenage or 20s women out of wedlock, with the majority of the women being WHITE! This is the 19th century Social Darwinism at its worst being brought back in the 21st century!

So the Republican Party believes life begins at conception, and their interest in life ends with the birth of the child! Now you are on your own, and we don’t want to support you or even care about you, unless of course you kill your child, but no assistance is offered if a poor woman or couple cannot afford the child that is being forced on them by the strange morality of the Republican Party!

The Declining Unemployment Rate, Barack Obama, And The 2012 Presidential Election

News has just come showing unemployment in February dropping to 8.9 percent, the lowest in nearly two years, specifically April 2009.

192,000 jobs have been added, a healthy sum, and private employment is rising, with public employment, ironically, dropping because of Republican governors cutting workers in their insane refusal to consider tax increases, thereby causing service delays and dangers that will start to impact the average citizen very soon.

There are economic prognostications now emerging that forecast that the unemployment rate will continue to decline over the next year and a half, and that it will be close to 7 percent by the time of the Presidential Election of 2012.

If that does indeed occur, then Barack Obama will be reelected President in November 2012 by a substantial margin, and with the GOP in disarray right now, and no one really strong yet emerging, the economy will be likely to decide ultimately that Obama will be a two term President!