Republican Party Doctrine: Life Begins At Conception, And Interest In Life Ends At Birth!

The Republican Party is working full scale against a woman’s right to choose, attempting every strategy possible to prevent abortion, no matter what the situation, and badmouthing Planned Parenthood, an organization which only has abortion rights as a small part of its mission to promote family planning, so as to make better parenting of children, which is something very much lacking in America!

So when one analyzes the Republican stand that life begins at conception and every child must be born, no matter what, and then realize that the Republicans now are trying to eliminate ALL aid to poor women and children, due to the budget crisis, one has to wonder how they can look themselves in the mirror!

Leave it to the GOP to try to eliminate all health, education and housing aid for the poor, and basically blaming poor people for being poor, when a large percentage of the poor ARE children born to teenage or 20s women out of wedlock, with the majority of the women being WHITE! This is the 19th century Social Darwinism at its worst being brought back in the 21st century!

So the Republican Party believes life begins at conception, and their interest in life ends with the birth of the child! Now you are on your own, and we don’t want to support you or even care about you, unless of course you kill your child, but no assistance is offered if a poor woman or couple cannot afford the child that is being forced on them by the strange morality of the Republican Party!

One comment on “Republican Party Doctrine: Life Begins At Conception, And Interest In Life Ends At Birth!

  1. Bella March 5, 2011 2:50 am

    Your entry just reminded me that there was a Pro-Life demonstration in front of the social sciences building at FAU last week, and at the time that I saw it I could not help but realizing the same exact thing about Republican views on abortion. “Well you could just put it up for a adoption,” I kept hearing. How would they expect you to do that if programs and institutions for adoption are being cut constantly and social workers are being laid off? How can you ensure that your unborn child is given to a safe and loving home?

    What really gave me a laugh was when my friend, a biology major, pointed out to me that the “scientific” facts they had on the presentation were mostly inaccurate.

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