Day: March 24, 2011

The Dangers Of Highly Educated Unemployed People In America!

The United States is facing a major crisis in unemployment, with millions of young Americans going to college, expecting rewards in the form of job opportunities and career advancement after years of preparation, and instead being forced to take part time work, often outside their fields of preparation, and losing valuable years of career building experience.

After beginning to assert their independence from parents, many are forced to move back home, or live in poverty, with little hope of advancement, which would allow them to plan to marry, have children, and live the “American Dream”!

The danger of frustrations building up in these young college graduates is that it could lead to such disillusionment, that it leads to violence and bloodshed in the streets, not all that different than what happened in Egypt and other Middle East nations in the past two months.

The image of America as the “land of opportunity” is being damaged, and desperate people who see no future could rise in anger, and strike out against the society that promises them hope and opportunity, and then fails to follow through.

We have government leaders now in the states and in the House of Representatives, mostly Republicans, who seem to only care about the rich and the privileged, proving themselves to be uninterested in economic opportunity, but rather only in the perpetuation of what has become, in many respects, a plutocracy, rather than the democracy that is part of the political propaganda that students learn about in political science classes.

Failure to understand that educated unemployed people will only take so much abuse before striking back leads one to fear the future, and a possible return to the turmoil and riots of the 1960s. We could be facing the horrors of a civil war, of the unemployed masses and the discontented educated class against the plutocracy that never is satisfied in its maniacal seeking of fulfilling their greed and materialism!