The Declining Unemployment Rate, Barack Obama, And The 2012 Presidential Election

News has just come showing unemployment in February dropping to 8.9 percent, the lowest in nearly two years, specifically April 2009.

192,000 jobs have been added, a healthy sum, and private employment is rising, with public employment, ironically, dropping because of Republican governors cutting workers in their insane refusal to consider tax increases, thereby causing service delays and dangers that will start to impact the average citizen very soon.

There are economic prognostications now emerging that forecast that the unemployment rate will continue to decline over the next year and a half, and that it will be close to 7 percent by the time of the Presidential Election of 2012.

If that does indeed occur, then Barack Obama will be reelected President in November 2012 by a substantial margin, and with the GOP in disarray right now, and no one really strong yet emerging, the economy will be likely to decide ultimately that Obama will be a two term President!

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