The Koch Brothers And Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia And Clarence Thomas

Charles and David Koch are billionaire brothers who are against environmental regulations and any government regulation in any area of the economy, and they have a close relationship with Associate Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court.

Both Justices attended a conference sponsored by the Koch brothers and were paid expenses, and the Citizens United Case which allows unlimited corporate political contributions was the result in January 2010, which had a dramatic effect on the midterm elections this past November, leading to the addition of 63 new seats in the House of Representatives for the Republican Party.

Now Thomas is being asked to recuse himself from any Supreme Court review of the Health Care law passed last year, as his wife is involved with a pressure group working to undermine the law, along with the Koch brothers trying to overturn the law as well.

The Supreme Court is becoming a center of conflict of interest, and really a high level of corruption, as both Justices Scalia and Thomas are arrogant and have no sense of propriety in their behavior. When on the Supreme Court, Justices are supposed to avoid conflicts or influences that may poison or pollute the whole concept of fair justice.

Thomas and Scalia need to change their behavior, or they bring the reputation of the Supreme Court down into the gutter! 🙁

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