The GOP Attack On Women: Nothing New But Now Enhanced!

The Republican leadership in the House of Representatives has talked about creation of jobs, but instead is focusing on a war against women and their medical care! 🙁

Bills have been introduced to take away federal support of women having Pap tests, breast exams, and HIV tests, because it is all considered part of “family planning”, a code word for the organization Planned Parenthood, which the Republican Party wishes to destroy.

The Republicans have also introduced legislation to tax medical plans of women and their employers who have private health insurance which cover abortion procedures.

They also have tried to redefine rape, so as to avoid the idea of abortions to cover rape and incest, as they wish to force all pregnancies to full term, no matter the age or health or mental state of the prospective mother.

And yet, does the party show any concern about the well being of children born to mothers who do not wish to have children, or cannot afford the economic expense of unwanted children? Of course not, as their only goal is to require birth, but show no concern about life after birth! 🙁

Attempting to outlaw abortion for all reasons will not stop the practice, but will force women who do not wish to have children to obtain a dangerous, “back alley” abortion, which could lead to their deaths.

The Republican Party claims to believe in smaller and less government, certainly when it comes to economic regulation, but again is proving it is very willing to intrude on people’s private lives as to their social interactions and their personal bodies, and that is reprehensible! 🙁

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