The Issue Of Government Mandates: A Responsibility of All Citizens!

The major complaint about the Obama Health Care legislation, and the basis on which two Federal District Court judges in Virginia and Florida have declared it unconstitutional, is the “mandate” that all people have to purchase a health insurance policy by 2014, although low income people will have federal subsidies to help them buy such insurance.

Many people have a major problem with this idea of a “mandate”, the nerve of the federal government telling citizens they must protect their health, because otherwise the rest of America must pay for their emergency health care in hospitals when they fall sick or are injured in accidents.

How irresponsible these complainers are, as if government does not have the right to demand its citizens take on personal responsibility for themselves! 🙁

Think about it! Is it not true that the government can “mandate” that we pay Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, federal income taxes, and federal gasoline taxes? Cannot the state and local governments “mandate” that we pay property taxes, gasoline taxes, liquor taxes, cigarette taxes, and sales taxes?

Has not the government “mandated” that Americans be drafted in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the years of the Cold War? Could they not “mandate” it again at some point in the future?

Does not the government at all levels “mandate” that we obey the laws that are passed upon us, whether we like it or not?

Is it not a “mandate” that all children must be given education, and that parents provide for the health and safety of their children?

Do we not have a “mandate” in most states to purchase auto insurance, and do we not have a “mandate” to pay for a drivers license and automobile registration if we wish to drive?

Do we not have a “mandate” to purchase homeowners insurance if we wish to buy a home and pay a mortgage on it?

Do we not have courts that “mandate” that we might have to serve on jury duty, and do they not have the power to enforce punishment on us if we disobey the laws and the “mandates” of the government at all levels?

If we are to claim that we do not have to obey laws, and pay taxes, and take responsibility for ourselves, then what we are asking for is for others to pay for us, and we are also promoting chaos and anarchy in our society! 🙁

So, to those who object to the so called “mandate” on health care, get used to the reality that this is your responsibility, or you can sign away any health care, as we are not going to pay for you, because you are stupid, ignorant and reckless of your own health needs! 🙁

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