Celebration! :) Frank Buckles, Only Living Veteran Of World War One Celebrates His 110th Birthday! :)

A miracle is being celebrated today, as Frank Buckles, the only living American veteran of World War I, which ended 93 years ago, becomes 110 years old! 🙂

Joining the American military by lying about his age of 16, Buckles has survived longer than any veteran of the war, and likely longer than any veteran of any American war in our entire history!

Buckles is still lucid, although he uses a wheelchair, and he testified last year before Congress of the need for a World War I Memorial on the level of those for World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

It has already been arranged that Buckles will be buried eventually in Arlington National Cemetery, and that special military presence by the British and French will be part of his funeral, which is sure to be a national event covered by the news media in depth!

On this day, Buckles is to be saluted for his birthday and his longevity, as the only link we have to the First World War, which began 97 years ago with the hope that it would make the world a better place, which, unfortunately, it has not, as no war makes the world a better place, but rather just deals with the immediate crisis that endangers world peace!

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