The Kennedy Assassination Anniversary And The Present Political Climate: A Warning Sign! :(

Today marks 47 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas! 🙁

Anyone who lived through that horrific tragedy is still affected by it, but it is often forgotten that there was much hate and division at the time, a lot of it perpetrated by right wing extremists who preached that Kennedy was a Communist, or that his Catholic religion was a threat to the country, or that he was a threat to those opposed to civil rights and other reform activities that were making the federal government more involved in the daily lives of all Americans!

Today, we have a similar situation which is indeed very scary, to say the least!

We have an African American President, Barack Obama, who is depicted as NOT born in the United States; being a Kenyan or Indonesian citizen; being a Muslim; being a Communist, Socialist, Nazi or Fascist; trying to organize concentration camps against his enemies; hating the United States and everything it represents, etc, etc, etc!

We also have active hate being promoted by Fox News Channel and a whole cadre of right wing talk show hosts who will stop at nothing to spew their poison and to incite unstable people about the dangers of the President who “hates whites”! 🙁

It is a well known secret that Barack Obama has more death threats against him than any other President, although no specific cases have come to light!

This poisonous rhetoric is dangerous, and could lead to another tragedy on the level of John F. Kennedy!

Whenever a President comes in promoting major changes, and particularly when he is different, as with his religion or race, all the nutbags come out of the woodwork, and endanger the entire nation by their rhetoric and accusations which incite others!

Today is therefore a day to reflect on the past tragedy, and organize to work against the hate mongers who have no aim other than the destruction of constructive dialogue!

It is also a day to pray for the health and safety of our President and his family, and call for an increase in sanity within America, at a difficult time!

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