Darrell Issa: Is He The New “Witch Hunter”? :(

California Congressman Darrell Issa, soon to be the head of the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, is likely to be one of the most controversial leaders of the Republican party in the next two years, as he has indicated plans to engage in extensive investigation of the Obama Administration.

The Southern California Republican, the wealthiest member of Congress, with assets of at least $300 million, has issued statements that he plans to investigate the executive branch on numerous issues.

Issa has said he wants to hold hundreds of hearings, form new subcommittees, and has asserted that he wants seven hearings a week for forty weeks a year! 🙁

Issa wants to investigate the stimulus legislation, health care reform, the bank bailout, and some think each cabinet member under Obama who has made controversial statements or authorized contentious actions!

There are conservatives who wish to question Obama’s background and birth, but Issa has declared that is off limits.

Despite that assertion, the feeling has developed that Issa is looking to become the center of attention, and put the Obama Administration’s “feet to the fire”, adding to the burdens of the administration, already under tremendous assault by the opposition party for the past two years, and now having to deal with the reality that with House of Representatives control by the GOP, the next two years might make one look back on the past two years as tame by comparison!

Issa first gained notice when he mounted the challenge for a recall against Democratic Governor Grey Davis of California, which led to the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor of the Golden State!

Issa is likely to be seen as a “witch hunter” and nightmare for the Obama Presidency! He will certainly be one of the most prominent Republicans over the next two years and will become a “household word” as a partisan attack machine! 🙁

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