The Jews, Israel, Obama, And The Midterm Elections: Surprise! The Jews Still Are Democrats! :)

There has been much speculation that American Jews were alienated from President Barack Obama because of his promotion of Middle East peace, including trying to pressure Israel’s leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to freeze Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and seriously negotiate with the Palestinians!

Despite that belief, it turns out that American Jews were the best part of the midterm elections for Democrats, other than young people and African Americans (both of whom in large part stayed home and did not vote)! One thing about Jews: they vote!

The attempt of conservatives and Republicans to convince Jews to abandon the Democratic Party failed miserably! These scare tactics worked very well on the conservative Christian community, which has been working to undermine the Obama Presidency from Day One, but it failed to break the 80 year long alliance of Jews with the Democrats, dating back to the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Great Depression!

As it turns out, Jews backed the Democrats in the midterm election by a 66-31 percent margin! And, for instance, in Pennsylvania, Jews backed loser Joe Sestak by a 71-23 percent margin, even though this Democratic nominee for the Senate lost to Republican Pat Toomey!

It turns out that American Jews have a very low opinion of the Republican Party and the Tea Party Movement! At the same time, many of the so called “professional” Jewish organizations tend to be antagonistic to Obama, the Democrats, and the approach of our government to the problems of the Middle East!

What is it about the Jewish population that they fail to share the beliefs and political approach of the “professional” Jewish organizations? Is this not a commentary on the ineffectiveness of these groups to express the will of the Jewish people of America? Is it not time for these groups to stop “flirting” with the Republican Party, which is just trying to exploit the issue, rather than real concern with the future of American Jews and the state of Israel?

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