150 Years Ago: Abraham Lincoln Elected President Of The United States!

Exactly 150 years ago today, Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th President of the United States!

Our greatest President would soon face the Civil War, the greatest crisis in American history, with the determination and courage to preserve the Union, and with progress in the war, to promote emancipation of the slaves as a great principle to be accomplished by the victory of the Union over the Confederate States of America!

Lincoln is the most written about President in American history, and despite some naysayers, he looks better all of the time, the least imperfect President we have had!

Lincoln is someone who all Americans can be proud of, even though there are still those who condemn and denounce him, but what is new about that? Every President has his supporters and detractors!

The point is that Abraham Lincoln proved himself to be a statesman, who did what was best, not always what was popular! He was bitterly denounced in his time, more ridiculed and insulted by critics, than any President has ever been! But he prevailed and did what he had to do, and we salute him now, and honor his memory!

This nation would not be what it has become, without the impact and influence of Abraham Lincoln! So, congratulations, Mr. President, on this 150th Anniversary of your election! 🙂

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