The Republican Party Goal: To Prevent A Second Obama Term In The White House, Not To Deal With The Nation’s Problems! :(

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has made it abundantly clear what the intention of the Republican Party is in the next two years, now that they control the House of Representatives.

It would be nice to think that they would hope to work on the nation’s problems and come to some kind of compromise to move the country forward.

But such a dream is just that: a dream! The Republicans don’t want to negotiate; they want simply to defeat Barack Obama and prevent him from serving another four years as President of the United States! 🙁

So any possibility of progress on the economic crisis facing the country is fruitless. It is sadly a reality that the next two years will see stalemate and gridlock, but it seems likely that if the GOP follows through on its intentions, that voters will realize it in 2012, and will kick the Republicans out of the majority in the House of Representatives!

So the party of NO will now become the party promoting stalemate and gridlock, since politics rather than policy is at the center of the party’s actions! Why help deal with the crisis facing our citizens when it is so much more “fun” to go after the President, who many Republicans wonder if he might be a Kenyan, a Muslim, and a non citizen! 🙁

Opposition to the President of the other party is part of the normal political process, but the viciousness and nastiness of the GOP toward Obama reaches the level of making one wonder: Would the intense anti Obama campaign that has existed, and still endures, possibly be connected to the fact that Barack Obama is an African American, and many people in this country just cannot accept that a smart, articulate black man can really be President of the United States? 🙁

One has to consider such a possibility, as sad as it is! 🙁

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