A Cuomo Governorship In New York State Again!

New York State is experiencing a return of the Cuomo family name to the executive mansion in Albany, with the smashing victory of Andrew, son of Mario, over Republican and Tea Party favorite Carl Paladino on Tuesday.

Mario Cuomo was Governor of New York for three terms from 1983-1995 and was often thought of as a possible Supreme Court Justice and Presidential possibility.

Andrew Cuomo was Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Bill Clinton from 1997-2001, and was Attorney General of New York since 2007, and won 62 percent of the vote for Governor!

Andrew Cuomo resembles his father in appearance and speech pattern and voice, and many political observers consider that he has the opportunity, if he can resolve the massive problems of New York over the next four or more years, to be a serious candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016, when he would be only 58 years old!

His outstanding performance on Election Day certainly puts Andrew Cuomo on a short list of potential “new faces” that could have an impact on the future of the Democratic Party after the administration of Barack Obama!

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