The Good Side Of The Election Results: Democracy In Action!

For those of us who are progressives and liberals, the results of the midterm elections are a time for reflection and reorganization.

It is obvious there is a need for mid course correction by the Obama Administration, and certainly the battle for progressive principles is re-energized by the triumph of the Republican party in taking over the House of Representatives, gaining many seats in the US Senate, and taking over a substantial number of governorships.

But while we assess the results, which the author will do over a period of time in detail, we can all agree that we are fortunate to have the great democracy that we have that allows the American people to register their feelings and change government policies and personnel on a regular basis.

Even if at times the results are seen as disappointing, we can be thankful that we live in a nation where government can be changed without bullets or violence in other forms.

So as we move to the uncertain future, let us all keep a sense of sobriety and balance as the challenges we all face present themselves. And the fight for social justice will continue no matter how much opposition may now exist to the progressive agenda!

2 comments on “The Good Side Of The Election Results: Democracy In Action!

  1. Chris November 3, 2010 10:06 am

    There are some good things to come out of this election – Dems keep senate, amendments 4 and 8 didn’t pass, o’donnell is not a senator, Joe miller seems to have lost (him and his god complex prematurely claiming he already won the seat a few weeks ago on fox news). Harry Reid kept his seat. A big disappointment is losing one of the best senators Russ Feingold. We will be back in 2012. The public will see how far right the government will go and vote in a more moderate congress. For now we have to deal with a speaker that is so corrupt he actually handed out lobbyist checks to republicans on the house floor.

  2. Margaret Mitchell, MSRN,, CNS November 3, 2010 10:49 pm

    I just wonder had the outcome been different….if the Liberals had won both houses….would the outcome have different? Many on the radial right threatened “2nd ammendment remedies”,they talked about the “coming revolution”, the blood of patriots. The sociopath Glenn Beck and his cronies on Fox News spent 2 years building their cult into a frenzy encouraging people to be “ready” with their guns. I just wonder would today be as peaceful if the repubs had lost?

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