Why Barack Obama And The Democratic Party Should Be Proud No Matter What Happens Today In The Midterm Elections!

Today is Election Day, and many have predicted major losses for the Democratic Party!

This will happen despite the major, significant accomplishments that have occurred in the 111th Congress, including:

Health Care Reform
Economic Stimulus Legislation
Wall Street Reform
Credit Card Reform
Consumer Financial Protection Reform
Saving of the Auto Industry
Tax Cuts To All Citizens
Senate Approval of Two Supreme Court nominees
Student Loan Reform
Hate Crimes Legislation Covering Sexual Orientation
Veterans Legislation

These are just ELEVEN accomplishments, with others too numerous to mention here, but it is obvious that this Congress has done more than any in American history, other than FDR’s 73rd Congress in 1933-1934 and Lyndon Johnson’s 89th Congress in 1965-1966. The only other Congress to come close to these three was Woodrow Wilson’s 63rd Congress of 1913-1914!

These Congresses accomplished what they did because the President and the Congress were of the same party!

When Congress and the President are at odds, very little is accomplished, so the general belief that a “split” government is better does not ring true!

But it is also true that when the Republican party has controlled the Presidency and Congress as under Harding and Coolidge in the 1920s and George W. Bush in the 2000s, what was the result? THE GREAT DEPRESSION and THE GREAT RECESSION! 🙁

So it has only been under united Democratic leadership that historic reform has occurred, as under Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Barack Obama!

So no matter what happens today, the Democrats should feel proud of their accomplishments, and they should know that despite the short sightedness and ignorance of the facts by many voters which seems likely, that what they have done will be seen in the long run of history as ABSOLUTELY RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY! Obama, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the hard working members of the Democratic Party will be vindicated in history!

It is often the case that the American people do not appreciate what they have until much later, when the realization of what has happened, and the positive nature of the change, has sunk in!

So despite what will occur today, Democrats should hold their heads high, as they have indeed done great service for the American people, no matter how long it takes for the masses to see the truth–that the Democratic Party is indeed the party of the middle and lower classes, while the Republican Party represents the rich and privileged and those who imagine they will become rich and privileged, even though most never will accomplish those goals in reality!

One comment on “Why Barack Obama And The Democratic Party Should Be Proud No Matter What Happens Today In The Midterm Elections!

  1. Jesse November 2, 2010 4:11 pm

    Almost all the “accomplishments” done benefit the lazy, Hopefully all they did will be undone before the country becomes bankrupt. The government has no place in dictating our lives and business. Law and order, and international affairs is the governments job. Survival of the fittest, if we continue to help the weak without them helping themselves we only weaken everyone and we will all fall. Africa is the perfect example of what happens when you “help” them when they don’t earn it, if we taught them to be self sufficent africa would be a better place just as the American people should be self sufficent just as it was before but with socialist fools running the country no progress will be made.

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