Congressman Joe Barton: Favoring BP Over Victims! :(

Republican Congressman Joe Barton of Texas, at the beginning of the committee hearings today with BP Chairman Tony Hayward, was highly critical of the Obama Administration for gaining a $20 billion “slush fund” and “shakedown” from BP yesterday in the Oval Office! πŸ™

What an outrage, for Congressman Barton to be more concerned about a corporation which has caused so much economic and environmental damage in the Gulf Coast, destroying the livelihoods of fishermen, small businesses of all kinds, and the shorelines of four states dependent for a lot of their state income from tourism! πŸ™

The Obama Administration has already issued a denunciation of Barton, well deserved repudiation of his greater concern with big business, rather than the average American harmed by the BP recklessness! πŸ™

Barton is following a trend begun by Michele Bachmann, and rapidly being voiced by conservative talk show hosts and other Republicans and Tea Party activists! πŸ™

This is good news for the Democrats and President Obama! Let conservatives and Republicans and Tea Party people continue to denounce what President Obama has accomplished, as that can only help sustain the Democrats as the party of the people, concerned about average Americans and ready and willing to make corporations be held accountable!

It is hard to imagine in November that being critical of the government and for BP is going to be a winning campaign for Tea Party favorites and Republicans! So, go right ahead and dig your own demise, is what progressives and Democrats should be encouraging right now!

As sad as this crisis is, it is an opportunity to show the true colors of the GOP and their allies! πŸ™

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