Day: June 12, 2010

Excellent Evidence Why Strong Political Parties Are Essential For Democracy To Work!

The nomination of Alvin Greene as the Democratic nominee for the US Senate in South Carolina against Republican Senator Jim DeMint is excellent evidence of the need for strong political parties, despite all of the attacks on parties evident in this year of disillusionment with politics on the part of many Americans!

The fact that South Carolina has an “open primary” system had led to shenanigans such as this one, where an unknown candidate is likely being put on the ballot by the dominant political party’s funds, and many registered members of the party “cross over” in the primary to set up the weakest possible candidate to oppose their favored nominee in their own party! An investigation has begun into what seems likely to be a GOP ploy, which would not be surprising, considering the history of the Palmetto State! ๐Ÿ™

There is no way to explain such an inarticulate candidate, with no money, no campaign organization, no website, no campaign appearances, and no substance in his views, to have, somehow, won a nomination for an office that he is obviously unqualified for by any measure one employs!

How is Alvin Greene to conduct a campaign against Jim DeMint and take part in debates, when he cannot even explain in very basic terms how he has organized and run a campaign as the “stealth” candidate, coming literally out of “nowhere” to become a nominee for the Senate? ๐Ÿ™

As bad as other nominees and winners of Senate elections have been in the present and past, Alvin Greene would likely stand out as the absolutely worst nominee ever offered on a fall ballot for the Senate in many decades, and possibly ever in the history of elections! The Democratic party wants him to withdraw, which he refuses to do, and it makes one think that he is indeed part of a corrupt “Republican plant”, making a mockery of the whole election process! ๐Ÿ™

So, to say that “open primaries”, and the decline of strong parties that is being pushed in California, and already exists in Washington State and Louisiana, is a good thing is subject to much greater scrutiny!

It makes one wonder if democracy is being served with the call to deemphasize political parties, or whether it is promoting a lack of responsibility and commitment to principles that political parties have represented in the over two hundred year history of parties in our political system!

Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, And The National Media

Two Tea Party favorites and Republican nominees for the Senate, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Sharron Angle of Nevada, are purposely avoiding interviews with the national media!

This strategy is, supposedly, to avoid bad press about their extremist and whacky views on many important issues! But the problem is that it sets a bad precedent, as can these two possible future Senators expect that they are not accountable for what they have said and done? ๐Ÿ™

Do they really think that avoiding the media will improve their image and public standing? ๐Ÿ™

What are they going to do about public debates with their Democratic opponents, Jack Conway in Kentucky and Harry Reid in Nevada? Are they going to refuse to explain their views and to face the people they wish to serve? ๐Ÿ™

Their avoidance of the media only adds fuel to the fire that they are both unfit for public office, and it makes the whole Tea Party Movement look even more ridiculous and outside the mainstream of American politics!

It will be interesting to watch both Paul and Angle squirm and evade over the next 20 weeks to November 2. It will be some of the best political entertainment in years! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

Florida Governor Charlie Crist Defies His Former GOP Colleagues A Second Time!

Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who left the Republican Party more than a month ago, and is running for the US Senate as an Independent, took one last swipe at his former colleagues in the extremely conservative GOP legislature yesterday, when he vetoed an abortion bill that would have mandated that all women wanting an abortion must pay and go through an ultra sound test, and see and hear the results, unless they signed a refusal form after paying and going through the procedure.

The only women who would have been able to avoid the procedure would be those who could prove rape, incest, human trafficking, or domestic violence.

The bill would also have banned abortion coverage from health insurance plans in any way supported by taxpayer funding.

Also, it would have been legally easier for Attorney General Bill McCollum, who is running for the GOP nomination for governor, to pursue his plan to sue President Obama over the new Health Care Reform plan passed by Congress in April.

Crist received more emails supporting the bill than opposing the bill, so he went against that trend, but at the same time, he probably has gained greater support from women, Democrats, and Independents, as he battles in the three way race shaping up this fall for the US Senate.

Crist had earlier angered Republicans when he vetoed the proposed teacher tenure bill back in April!

The ultrasound abortion bill will come up in the Florida legislature next year with a new governor, and if either Rick Scott or Bill McCollum is elected, it will certainly be signed into law. If Democratic nominee Alex Sink, however, is elected, she would clearly veto the legislation as Charlie Crist has done!