The US And Turkish Relations In Reference To Israel And Iran

The United States has worked to promote close relations with Turkey as a modern, moderate Islamic nation in the years since World War II.

But the Turkish government has made this difficult by its recent actions in reference to Israel and Iran!

Already condemned historically for the Armenian genocide between 1915 and 1923, and unwilling to take responsibility for that horrific mass murder, Turkey has not been understanding of how it is now harming its present public image by its actions!

So therefore, there is now action by both Democrats and Republicans to bring up the resolution about the Armenian genocide in Congress; and to condemn Turkey’s involvement in the flotilla of ships that were stopped by the Israelis from reaching the Gaza Strip recently, and reinforcing the Hamas terrorist government that controls the government and has called for the total destruction of Israel; and the Turkish backing of Iran attempting to develop nuclear weapons!

Action to back Turkey becoming part of the European Union may also be delayed or scrapped in Congress, at least if Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley has her way!

It is essential for the US to take a strong stand against Turkey and for backing of Israel, as a result of these recent controversies that Turkey has engaged in!

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